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When building cloud infrastructure, it’s crucial to keep scalability, automation, and availability top of mind. In the past, it was really difficult to uphold high standards of scalability, automation, and availability in the cloud. Only the top IT companies could do it. But today, courtesy of Kubernetes, anyone can build a self-sufficient, auto-healing, and auto-scaling […]
So, you have a HOSTAFRICA hosted cPanel server, now what? cPanel can be pretty confusing if you’ve never worked with a web-based control panel before. Most guides are written for those with a web hosting background by tech gurus with little concern for the uninitiated. If, like many, you’re part of the latter, this guide […]
acronis cloud protect installation guide
Step one: click install. We jest, but our installation guide for Acronis backups are only slightly more complicated. A few commands here and there, sure, but every outcome from each step is accounted for so you can’t lose your way. All in all, this Acronis installation guide will take you from newbie to protected in […]
Have you ever wondered why you hear “everyone needs a website” all the time? Well, it’s simply because every business should have a website in today’s world. You should see your website, whether you’re a freelance blogger or the owner of a boutique shop, as the main reference point of your business. It’s the place […]
Automate Kubernetes with Ansible on CentOS Stream
In today’s fast-paced world, you need to have an automated way to deploy, install, and manage software across your infrastructure. Ansible is an easy-to-use tool built for this very purpose. It’s automation software that allows users to provision hosts, configure environments, install packages, deploy applications, and perform many other administrative and management tasks. In this […]
deploy kubernetes cluster on CentOS with containerd
If you want to build a fault-tolerant, auto-scaling cloud infrastructure, then Kubernetes is undoubtedly your best choice. It’s an open-source platform for running containerized applications inside a self-healing, distributed cluster. The true beauty of Kubernetes lies in its simplicity; you can create a Kubernetes cluster for hundreds of applications, distributed across tens of servers, using […]