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fix anti-virus blocking outlook emails
How To Troubleshoot Your Anti-virus When Outlook Emails Aren’t Sending or Receiving In our previous article How To Troubleshoot Outlook Email Client, we guide you through all the steps to take to get your Outlook emails to send and be received again. These steps ranged from checking your internet connection to checking DNS records. Sometimes, […]
why your business needs dedicated servers
Your business is finally taking off and you’re looking to equip it with the wings it needs to soar. The customer base is already there and growing, but you need a private server to ensure a seamless output. Without dilly dallying too much, we can say you’d be cutting corners as a business owner if […]
how to troubleshoot outlook email client
General Email not Sending and/or Receiving So, your emails are stuck in the outbox and mails are neither being sent nor received. Not to worry, this troubleshooting guide will get you back up and running in no time. Contents Determine if you have a working internet connection Determine if your IP is blocked on the […]
Why you should take website security seriously
Picture this: you’re going about your business online; writing the ol’ blog post, replying to a reader, preparing your newsletter, when a subtle message pops up in the corner. You get a notification that your website has malware – you’ve been hacked. A perilous situation for your website, and one that will assuredly instill why […]
why you should always have backups
Imagine a world where everything went right the first time. You got a teddy bear at the claw machine with your first coin; you tinkered with your website and no bugs were created in the process; you put the flash drive into your PC in one try. Yes, we’d be technological gods if we got […]
why you should always use an ssl certificate
You’ve probably heard the precautionary adage “safety first” as someone verbally qualifies their course of action before adhering to said safety measure. In terms of internet and website security, SSL certificates are the virtual “safety first” adage and action. This is why you should always use them. Unless you plan to play it fast and […]