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is the small business website an obsolete tool?
We live in a digital age, and consumers are always flocking to the internet to research services, products, entertainment, and more. For many years, having a website was considered the pinnacle of digital marketing. Today, social media, mobile applications, and other platforms offer business owners an alternative way to showcase their business online. That begs […]
your small business needs a custom email
One of the first things you need to set up when starting your business is an email address. Understandably, many small businesses, when they start, want to limit their expenses. As such, for this reason, they often opt for free email addresses from providers like Gmail,, or Yahoo Mail. Unfortunately, this could be the […]
How to install Tailscale VPN on Linux and Windows
Tailscale – easy private network management using WireGuard Tailscale is an open-source software, which uses the WireGuard VPN as its base layer, and simplifies creating, managing, and accessing private networks. Even when your servers are protected by firewalls, or reside in different subnets, Tailscale allows you to create secure networks, without requiring manual creation of […]
By this time, if you’ve read some of our previous posts, you have a broad overview of how to set up a hosting reseller business. So, you might have the technical details and know some of the things you should consider when setting up a business. But apart from this, you also want to know […]
New IP address – WHOIS this? The phonebook may be outdated, but the idea upon which it was based is very much alive. We’ve basically taken the principles of the telephone directory and shifted it to the online realm where we can now search for IP addresses instead of phone numbers. That’s essentially what a […]
Sorry, members only. That is, you’ll need an Acronis Cloud Backup plan for this guide to be applicable or even relevant to you. That’s because we’re going to take you through setting up your Acronis Cloud Reseller, and naturally, you won’t be able to sell something if you haven’t acquired the product yet. Although, if […]