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Cron has been the staple of Linux automation for decades. It allows administrators to schedule the periodic execution of certain commands or scripts. The scheduled commands/scripts are known as cron jobs. They are a great way to automate mundane administrative tasks. For example, you can create a cron job to copy application dumps to a […]
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Let’s face it, landing pages can be a very effective tool to drive conversions and get more leads. The thing is, to get these conversions, people need to find your landing pages. If they don’t, you’ve wasted the time and effort you spent on creating the page in the first place. The best way to […]
Each year we review and revise our prices, balancing increases against our continued commitment to investment. This is so that we can offer the high level of support and infrastructure reliability you expect from us. With that said, due to a variety of factors outside of our control, we’ve been forced to introduce a price […]
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GIT is unarguably the most powerful, feature-rich, and stable version control system (VCS) out there. It’s a distributed VCS, which means that all contributors have a copy of the entire repository, along with all the change history. This makes it easier for different people to simultaneously work on a project, without encountering conflicts. It also […]
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In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz around AWS. And it’s easy to see why when you consider that it offers several benefits when you use it to host your website or application, from speed to uptime, security, and more. But here’s the thing. All these benefits don’t come cheap and if […]
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You’re about to take a step towards website autonomy by designing your own destiny as far as your site is concerned. It’s an empowering move, but charting your own path with a website builder can also be intimidating if you’ve got no place to start. So, how about a single step – purchasing your website […]