VPS Reseller

VPS Reseller

A VPS reseller may be your ideal avenue of revenue. Finding a good hosting provider is a main concern for business websites. Nowadays, everybody has a website. This despite the years-old declaration that the web is dead and social media now rules. However, with so much online action being diverted to social media streams, personal websites don’t necessarily require much bandwidth.

So, while organisations and businesses may require hundreds or even thousands of gigabytes, a hobbyist or boutique business might need less than 50. For this type of website, it doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds of rand for fast, reliable VPS hosting. They need a smaller package tailored just for them, and VPS resellers are their best bet.

You can become a VPS reseller today

A VPS reseller buys a bigger batch of bandwidth, or even their own server, allowing them to cut down server maintenance costs. The reseller can then bundle their allocation into bite-sized batches they can resell to these slimmer websites. They will also manage the server on their customers’ behalf, making a profit in the process. This reseller needs to buy ‘wholesale bandwidth’ from a bigger host. We support businesses at all levels, from dedicated VPS and individual resellers to shared hosting clients. Why should you, as a reseller, come to us?

  1. We’re known for having the best prices around, offering resale rebates of up to 20%.
  2. We don’t lock you into a contract, so you can discontinue service at any time.
  3. To give you complete control over the sites you’re hosting, we give you a reseller control panel that you can use to manage your individual clients, giving them control panels of their own.
  4. You can even use the panel to manage your own army of resellers.
  5. And if you’d like assistance on the technical side, we can manage your clients’ VPS on your behalf.

All the assistance you need

We serve you well, so you can serve your clients well – you can reach us on Skype 24/7. We understand that your clients depend on you the same way you depend on us, so we provide whatever service you require. To find a reliable VPS reseller – or to become one yourself – call HOSTAFRICA today.

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