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There’s a story behind every business or hobby We’ve started a Support Businesses campaign. In the spirit of Ubuntu you support our company and we support your ventures. Whether you run a business or engage in hobbies, we love to know how our services are helping our clients realise their dreams, provide solutions, support others, make a difference […]
Just exactly what is Office 365? Office 365 is a collection of applications and cloud services provided as a subscription service by Microsoft. You can use these to be productive across a variety of devices from just about anywhere. Several subscription models are available. Each is tailored to various business sizes and usage types. Most […]
VPS Reseller

VPS Reseller

A VPS reseller may be your ideal avenue of revenue. Finding a good hosting provider is a main concern for business websites. Nowadays, everybody has a website. This despite the years-old declaration that the web is dead and social media now rules. However, with so much online action being diverted to social media streams, personal […]
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What is SCRUM?   Scrum is a software product development strategy that can be used for project management as well. It organizes people as a team to reach a common goal — creating a ready-for-market product. It is a widely used subset of Agile software development. Scrum software development starts with a wish list of […]
HOSTAFRICA Website Builder
Here is a great new product that many of our customers have been waiting for. Host Africa’s new Website Builder is a great way to build a really good looking website at a fraction of the cost that it would usually be. See a DEMO here!  Using this great tool you can even IMPORT your site! […]
What sort of connectivity do I need?
The current scenario with fibre With the current speed of fibre rollouts, ADSL is fast following the path of dial-up connections and the dinosaur. We are literally spoilt for choice with speeds ranging from 1mb/s up to 1gb/s in some areas. If the national regulator can have its way, base-speed connections may even end up […]

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