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Howto - A short MySQL tutorial with examples
In our previous MySQL tutorial, we did some basic SELECT queries, a CONCAT for output and a JOIN to lookup data on a different table that was linked or RELATED to our client database. In this MySQL tutorial, we will continue with a DOUBLE JOIN and discuss UPDATES and DATA MANIPULATION. We will also have a […]
Howto - A short MySQL tutorial with examples
In our previous MySQL tutorial, we created a small database with four tables. In this article, we will learn to manipulate the data we entered using JOIN to derive data from a table using data from another table. We will also modify the output using the MySQL CONCAT command. Our MySQL Data Our data consists […]
Howto - A short MySQL tutorial with examples
Following on my previous article on databases and database planning, I have decided to add a quick practical tour of a MySQL database. MySQL and MariaDB are equivalent for the purpose of this article as they both use the exact same syntax. We will assume that you have access to a MySQL/MariaDB server and have […]
Howto - Planning your SQL database structure - a simple example
This article is not from a professional SQL Database Administrator’s perspective. It is from someone who has been using MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB for the last 18 years. I have found some basic principles around database design that make life a lot easier. And then researched the best practice whitepapers to confirm the soundness of that […]
LAMP Server To develop PHP web apps, you need to set up Apache, MySQL and PHP, in a LAMP Stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) environment.  You can either install the individual components i.e Apache, MySQL and PHP or you can install a BUNDLE package which includes all the software needed in a single installer package. There are various […]
SQL Database Options
What database options are there ? When it comes to a database for your server, there are many more options than just Microsoft SQL. As we all know Linux users have a free choice of database options. Less known is that Microsoft Server users also have a choice. Instead of paying a fortune for MS […]

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