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Troubleshooting website issues
Basic troubleshooting methodology At HOSTAFRICA, we believe that troubleshooting must be structured to be useful. I find the best method is the “Macro to Micro” approach. This means that you verify the correctness and functionality of the largest factors involved in the issue first as, without these, the problem will not resolve. This is a process […]
DNS Change - tips and tricks to avoid problems
DNS change – what’s the issue?   Changing a DNS record for a domain may seem like a non-issue to some people, but the implications are often not realized. At Host Africa, we realize that these can have a large impact on your business. Effects of an unplanned or badly done DNS change can range from […]
Extended DNS Records - SVR, DNAME and AAAA records
We continue looking at less commonly used DNS records, but we also look at the soon to be common AAAA record which is merely the IPV6 version of an A record. Before that, we will first examine the SRV and the rare DNAME records. The SRV extended DNS record SRV records are DNS entries that […]
Extended DNS Records - SPF, DKIM and DMARC
Most of us who have hosted or registered a domain, are familiar with the regular DNS record entries. The A, MX, NS and CNAME records are used on a daily basis and are familiar to most Systems Administrators. SOA records, while a bit less familiar, are also present in every DNS zone as they define the […]
How to set up Reverse DNS
As the name implies, Reverse DNS is the inverse of normal (forward) DNS. DNS (Domain Name Service) translates a human readable URL or domain name into an IP address for the computer to read. Reverse DNS is useful when you have an IP address and need to find the domain name. A Reverse DNS query […]
Domain transfers, DNS Propagation and other delaying factors
  So you have finally decided to move on to a new hosting company. The reasons do not matter – the planning does. Not taking the inherent delays into account can leave you frustrated and wishing you had never even started the process. For business, interrupted mail and a website that may or may not […]

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