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fix anti-virus blocking outlook emails
How To Troubleshoot Your Anti-virus When Outlook Emails Aren’t Sending or Receiving In our previous article How To Troubleshoot Outlook Email Client, we guide you through all the steps to take to get your Outlook emails to send and be received again. These steps ranged from checking your internet connection to checking DNS records. Sometimes, […]
how to troubleshoot outlook email client
General Email not Sending and/or Receiving So, your emails are stuck in the outbox and mails are neither being sent nor received. Not to worry, this troubleshooting guide will get you back up and running in no time. Contents Determine if you have a working internet connection Determine if your IP is blocked on the […]
Extended DNS Records - SPF, DKIM and DMARC
Most of us who have hosted or registered a domain, are familiar with the regular DNS record entries. The A, MX, NS and CNAME records are used on a daily basis and are familiar to most Systems Administrators. SOA records, while a bit less familiar, are also present in every DNS zone as they define the […]
The battle against spam
A quick history of Spam…the 70’s In the early days of the internet, email was a safe and trusted messaging system. Sending an email to someone you did not know or have business with was almost unheard of. Email protocols were developed in a trusting environment and very little was written into the protocol as […]
mail protocols
Introduction and tools you will need to test email protocols Have you ever wondered what sort of conversation occurs between mail servers? Here is a guide on MTA-Speak and how to see if your mail server is actually working or not, ordered by email protocols. You will need a telnet client installed to run these tests and some form […]
Setting up your email is often something we rush to get it working. It’s not the actual work we need to do, but is imperative to us being able to do our work the way we should. Taking a moment to decide which protocol you want between POP3 or IMAP can save you a lot […]