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why you should use a web host
Why You Should Consider Using a Web Host For your website to be accessible on the internet, you need website (web) hosting. Web hosting services provide the space and resources that your website needs to live online. Think of website hosting as a shop showcasing your products. The shop provides all the space and resources […]
5 ways to save money on web hosting
5 Ways to Save Money on Web Hosting You shouldn’t cheap out on a web host; there are no two ways about it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable web hosting that’s also reliable. If you properly weigh your options and choose a long-term plan that perfectly aligns with your business needs, you […]
how to choose the best web hosting
How To Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Online Business While establishing your online store, choosing the best hosting for e-commerce is arguably the most important decision you must make. Do you go with shared hosting, or do you choose a VPS (virtual private server)? What about all the free options out there? Should […]
Beginner's guide to cPanel & WHM on CentOS 7
How to set up a good foundation for cPanel & WHM on CentOS 7 This comprehensive guide will lead you through your first configuration of cPanel and WHM on your new CentOS 7 server. You will learn how to install and configure cPanel and WHM on CentOS 7; install CloudLinux, ConfigServer Security Firewall, and Softaculous; […]
Apache SpamAssassin scoring explained
What is Apache SpamAssassin™? Apache SpamAssassin is the open-source anti-spam software used by most Linux based email systems to filter and block unsolicited emails. It is a complex system that is now maintained by the Apache Software Foundation. Apache SpamAssassin is modular and allows for the use of custom tests and score adjustment. Looking to […]
A breakdown of cPanel and Plesk
When setting up a server from scratch, you may want to install management software with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). This will allow you to control a range of aspects with the click of a mouse, and without accessing a terminal text interface. With the range of solutions out there, which one should you use? […]