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VPS or Shared - Types of Hosting
    When it comes to hosting, there are various types that are often confused or misunderstood. The cost of each type is different and the scalability, redundancy and complexity of each also differs. The rule of thumb is “more features = higher price”.  True “CLOUD” hosting is not that common and the term is […]
FTP - Resolving "Failed to retrieve directory listing"
Although this is aimed at Filezilla clients, the principles will work for any other FTP client as well. FTP Symptoms You enter all the detail from HOSTAFRICA, click on “connect” and… connection is successful, but no file listing appears or you get an error “Failed to retrieve directory listing”. Why? Let’s have a quick look […]
why you should use a web host
Why You Should Consider Using a Web Host For your website to be accessible on the internet, you need website (web) hosting. Web hosting services provide the space and resources that your website needs to live online. Think of website hosting as a shop showcasing your products. The shop provides all the space and resources […]
server new data move
It’s inevitable that most websites will move their server from one host to another at least once. This is often done because the new host will provide better service, features, or is cheaper. And while most individuals can’t physically pick up their server and move it to another location, there are other options if you’re […]
cron jobs image
Cron jobs are a software utility and time-based scheduler in Unix-like environments. Though they are found in a range of software, for this article, we will look at cron jobs in CPanel for your website. They are used in a variety of tasks, such as running scripts or downloading items from the internet. If you […]
5 ways to save money on web hosting
5 Ways to Save Money on Web Hosting You shouldn’t cheap out on a web host; there are no two ways about it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable web hosting that’s also reliable. If you properly weigh your options and choose a long-term plan that perfectly aligns with your business needs, you […]