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how to choose the best web hosting
How To Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Online Business While establishing your online store, choosing the best hosting for e-commerce is arguably the most important decision you must make. Do you go with shared hosting, or do you choose a VPS (virtual private server)? What about all the free options out there? Should […]
Install cPanel on Centos
You can install cPanel on CentOS for better system administration. cPanel is a web-based control panel that can make tasks like website creation, database management and database deployment so much easier to manage. cPanel is convenient in that it allows users to administer servers through a GUI interface instead of the traditional command line. To […]
A breakdown of cPanel and Plesk
When setting up a server from scratch, you may want to install management software with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). This will allow you to control a range of aspects with the click of a mouse, and without accessing a terminal text interface. With the range of solutions out there, which one should you use? […]