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Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS

What is Reverse DNS? Normal DNS (Domain Name Service) is used to translate a human readable URL/Domain Name into an address that is easier for a computer to understand – the IP address. As the name implies, Reverse DNS (RDNS) does the opposite – translating an IP address into a Domain Name. You may find […]
DNS Records - Best Practice
Although the basics of DNS records is easy to understand, I often see badly configured DNS zones. Here are a few pointers to help keep that DNS pure and fast according to industry best practice. CNAME RECOMMENDATIONS These records are heavily overused and abused. The basic rule is that a CNAME should never point to another […]
IPV6 Part 2 - Formats and special addresses
IPV6 Reduced Complexity IPV6 networking reduces the complexity of address planning and assigning addresses to networks. Instead of using a wide variety of IPV4 subnet lengths, it is best practice to use some standard prefix lengths to simplify things. IPV6 should be a breath of fresh air to those who toil with the scarcity constraints […]

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