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You decided you need a website. What now?  This short guide will help you understand what is involved and why each step is needed when starting your own website. Steps to follow to enable your website You will need to take the following steps to move from that decision to a presence on the internet […]
Support and the role of your hosting provider
As hosting providers, we at HOSTAFRICA are often challenged in our role as hosting provider, especially with regards to support. Our role is our focus… We are here to provide hosting space to our clients. At HOSTAFRICA, we give our customers a hosting space as cost effectively and as streamlined as possible. Our focus is […]
Client success story above Kim Watermeyer logo on black and green background
There’s a story behind every business or hobby We’ve started a Support Businesses campaign. In the spirit of Ubuntu you support our company and we support your ventures. Whether you run a business or engage in hobbies, we love to know how our services are helping our clients realise their dreams, provide solutions, support others, make a difference […]