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Why you should take website security seriously
Picture this: you’re going about your business online; writing the ol’ blog post, replying to a reader, preparing your newsletter, when a subtle message pops up in the corner. You get a notification that your website has malware – you’ve been hacked. A perilous situation for your website, and one that will assuredly instill why […]
config firewall with firewalld on CentOS
How To Configure CentOS 8 Firewall with firewalld and firewall-cmd A firewall is one of the most fundamental ways to monitor and filter incoming and outgoing traffic. A set of inbound and outbound rules defined within firewall settings, determine which traffic to allow or block. On CentOS and other Linux distros, firewalld is the default […]
Why "password" isn't a password
Best Practices for Password Security Original post: 25 July 2017. Updated 15 December 2020. A good password is more than just some obscure word or a random combination of characters. Modern password cracking software and computing power can easily break passwords in a surprisingly short time. “password123” can be hacked in 6 seconds. Any password […]
How to Configure SpamAssassin on cPanel
Best Practices for Setting up Apache SpamAssassin on cPanel A global surge in email phishing attacks and fraudulent emails puts you at risk. Here’s how you can protect yourself using prevention strategies outlined in this article. Apache SpamAssassin is an anti-spam email application maintained by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to filter and block unsolicited […]
protect your website against hackers and malware
We receive a lot of advice on protecting ourselves from identity theft, and keeping our credit cards safe. This is both when we’re swiping and when we’re doing transactions online. Fraudsters can pose as us and use our credit cards. Reversing those charges can be stressful, and it isn’t always successful. Plus, while your cash […]
Installing and Configuring Configserver Security & Firewall (CSF)
ConfigServer Firewall, or CSF, is a security tool that can help protect your server against attacks and improve server safety. It is a Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall, login/intrusion detection and security application. It is designed for Linux servers and is free to use. How to install and configure ConfigServer Firewall ConfigServer Firewall will work […]