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set up a store on woocommerce logo on dark background
Set Up a WooCommerce Store on your WordPress Website Image credit: Homepage There are plenty of ways to build an online store, but WooCommerce is, by far, the best choice. Here’s why: It’s free, open-source, and highly stable. It’s used to power over 30% of ecommerce stores worldwide. It’s incredibly fast to set up. […]
beginners intro to git on github
Introduction to Git on GitHub – All the Basic Commands You Need People often use the words Git and GitHub interchangeably. While connected, both are their own entities. Git is a version-control system (VCS) used to manage a source code repository. GitHub is a cloud-based interface written on top of Git, that allows its users […]
How to Fix a Broken WordPress 5.5 Site
WordPress 5.5 Broke Your Site? Here’s How to Fix Released on August 11, 2020, WordPress 5.5 brought with it significant changes to the WordPress (WP) core. Websites that were upgraded to run the latest version started to break. So, if you are also facing some issues post-upgrade, know that you are not alone. A majority […]
Beginner's Guide to GNU nano Text Editor - Linux
How to install and use GNU nano Text Editor in Linux If you are new to the Linux console, you might be having a hard time navigating the cumbersome pre-installed text editors. Fret not, as there is a beginner-friendly text editor called nano, which will simplify your command-line editing manifold. nano has all the features […]
How to install Tailscale VPN on Linux and Windows
Tailscale – easy private network management using WireGuard Tailscale is an open-source software, which uses the WireGuard VPN as its base layer, and simplifies creating, managing, and accessing private networks. Even when your servers are protected by firewalls, or reside in different subnets, Tailscale allows you to create secure networks, without requiring manual creation of […]
Install Kubernetes cluster on Debian 9
How to install Kubernetes and deploy a cluster with Docker on Debian 9 Kubernetes (k8s) is an open-source, cloud-native, container orchestration and management platform. It’s the go-to way to automate the deployment, scaling, and maintenance of containerised applications across different nodes. From service discovery to auto-restarts, and from resource allocation tracking to compute utilisation and […]

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