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beginners intro to git on github
Introduction to Git on GitHub – All the Basic Commands You Need People often use the words Git and GitHub interchangeably. While connected, both are their own entities. Git is a version-control system (VCS) used to manage a source code repository. GitHub is a cloud-based interface written on top of Git, that allows its users […]
Free Software and Service Alternatives
Free software has been around long enough so that much of the really important programs have been tried and tested pretty well. These publicly verified alternatives often provide the same or even better functionality than the originals at a fraction of the price or even for free. Here are a few well-tested alternatives. Dropbox Alternatives […]
WHM/cPanel DNSONLY overview and setup
cPanel is a webhosting control panel based on Linux, which comes with automation tools, and a graphical interface. cPanel was designed to make it easier to host a website online, by providing direct access to server administrators, resellers and website owners to a variety of applications such as BIND (DNS), Pel, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP and […]
The benefits of new WHMCS features
The 7.4 version of WHMCS comes with a lot of benefits that your clients will surely enjoy. WHMCS started out in 2005 as a platform that combined domain registration, support and billing, which quickly made it a favourite for many hosting resellers. Since then, this all-in-one client management platform continued to grow, adding more security, […]
Super Simple Guide to cPanel
cPanel Quick-Start So, you have a HOSTAFRICA hosted cPanel server, now what? cPanel can be pretty confusing if you’ve never worked with a web-based control panel before. Most guides are written for those with a web hosting background by tech gurus with little concern for the uninitiated. If, like many, you’re part of the latter, this […]