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why you should always use an ssl certificate
You’ve probably heard the precautionary adage “safety first” as someone verbally qualifies their course of action before adhering to said safety measure. In terms of internet and website security, SSL certificates are the virtual “safety first” adage and action. This is why you should always use them. Unless you plan to play it fast and […]
Changes in Chrome For https & http Indicators
There have been a number of changes in Chrome for HTTPS & HTTP indicators that may affect your website and business. It is prudent to take note of these changes to ensure that your website is not negatively affected. What you need to know When Chrome 68 was released in July of this year, the […]
Which SSL certificate?
The assortment of SSL certificates available may be confusing and could result in purchasing more (or less) than we need. Using a few questions, we can quickly arrive at a correct decision. Is your website for personal or business use? This hinges on what you want your website visitor to see. Is a valid HTTPS […]