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HOSTAFRICA Website Builder
Here is a great new product that many of our customers have been waiting for. Host Africa’s new Website Builder is a great way to build a really good looking website at a fraction of the cost that it would usually be. See a DEMO here!  Using this great tool you can even IMPORT your site! […]
A short guide to designing faster websites
Designing a website and then expecting your site to speed up by throwing more resources such as CPU and bandwidth at it will never work. The main reason is that many people are still on slow connections or have low data caps. This means that they will only ever visit your site once. If a […]
FTP - Resolving "Failed to retrieve directory listing"
Although this is aimed at Filezilla clients, the principles will work for any other FTP client as well. FTP Symptoms You enter all the detail from Host Africa, click on “connect” and ……. connection is successful, but no file listing appears or you get an error “Failed to retrieve directory listing” Why ? Lets have […]
The .htaccess file is one of the most important pieces of your website. It’s used in conjunction with the Apache Web Server software to execute or disable features offered by the software. By design, it’s both a blessing and a curse depending on how you set up the file. Unless you’ve created a website from […]