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WordPress Hosting
Moving WordPress  In our previous Host Africa WordPress article, we discussed the MANUAL procedure for moving your WordPress site. In this article, we will take a look at a few plugins which make the process much smoother, easier and less error-prone. There are plenty of plugins, both free and paid. We will focus more on […]
WordPress Hosting
Moving WordPress  At HostAfrica, besides our normal cool web hosting packages, we have some great WordPress hosting options. In this guide, we would like to help you make the move to HostAfrica a lot smoother. Moving WordPress can be a massive headache if not done correctly. If you are not keen on using a plugin to help […]
Linux log files
Linux Log Files Linux log files are a wonderful source of information. They can be used for debugging and troubleshooting almost any running application. If you are bored of watching TV, try staring at your Linux log files for a while. It can get addictive. Linux logs are mostly stored in plain text. Most log […]
linux man
The Linux ‘man’ command The Linux man command is one of the lesser known helpers for those new to Linux. Typing in ‘man find’ give you a whole manual page on the ‘find’ command and this is what ‘man’ is short for – Manual. Let us see part of the ‘man find’ command and its output: […]
Linux Basics
The Linux system can be a confusing place for someone new to Linux. So we decided to steal some tips from our Linux guru’s at Host Africa. The following basics will help you manage: Current location A useful command to use to find out where you currently are is pwd. This command, like a lot of Linux […]

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