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Difference between Windows and Linux cloud server
A Windows or a Linux cloud server – this is the first question when choosing a cloud hosting plan for your website online. Which operating system to choose can be difficult without knowing the differences between them, and the specific benefits that each can offer. The differences between Windows and Linux operating systems are based […]
IIS Server - Multiple sites with one IP
One misconception I often come across with clients that are new to hosting and for some reason want to host on IIS Web server is that they need an IP address for each website. This is not true as IIS is just as capable of Virtual Sites as for example Apache or NginX. The secret […]
Windows PowerShell commands – Part 2
Benefits of PowerShell over Command Prompt Well, PowerShell certainly has more power! The command prompt is an interface available to execute simple DOS commands; most users have not explored it beyond ping, ipconfig or in the programming world, ftp. However, PowerShell is much more than that. While there are many differences between the two, here […]
Windows PowerShell commands
  At Host Africa, we believe in helping our clients to the best of our ability. This sometimes also means refusing to help clients as some queries fall outside our area of expertise. Windows Powershell is one of these areas. As a result, we would like to help with a short article compiled from various internet […]
remote applications
    In our previous post on Remote Desktop Services – Part 1, we had just completed installing Remote Desktop Services. Before we continue, just a reminder:  your server hostname MUST be a full domain name (FQDN) that resolves e.g If it is not, the Remote application links will NOT work.   Remote Desktop […]
windows rdp
Ever since Windows Server 2008 R2, we have been able to break away from the need to access a full desktop in order to use a single application. This means that we can have an application shortcut on your desktop which looks and acts like a normal shortcut but opens an application directly off a […]