Benefits of WordPress hosting

According to WordPress statistics, over 74 million websites and blogs are hosted by WordPress. If you want a WordPress site, there are two types of hosting options available for you. You can host your website directly through WordPress yourself or you can choose managed WordPress hosting with a web hosting provider. HostAfrica offers managed WordPress hosting at affordable rates in South Africa.

Top five benefits of WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting with HostAfrica offers so many benefits over choosing regular hosting. WordPress hosting powered by SSD helps speed up your website’s loading speed which enhances user experience and also improves your SEO ranking. A reliable WordPress hosting provider will also boost your site security, by installing the proper server level security mechanisms as well as SSL certificates and other secure measures. Automatic backups also add to the security of your site by preventing any data loss in the event of a crash or security breach. One of the biggest weaknesses of a WordPress site is the frequent updating to the latest versions of WordPress. With managed WordPress hosting you can enjoy automatic upgrades instantly as soon as new versions are released. We also offer the better opportunity for scalability. If your business or blog is growing, you can easily upgrade to a different hosting package that better suits your needs. To summarise, the benefits of WordPress hosting include:

  1. Faster loading speeds
  2. Better site security
  3. Automated backups and updates
  4. Scalability
  5. Better customer support

Let HostAfrica manage your WordPress hosting

With managed WordPress hosting from HostAfrica you can enjoy an all in one “concierge” service where we manage all the technical aspects of running WordPress. One of the best reasons to choose HostAfrica managed WordPress hosting is the additional customer support. With us, you receive premium 24/7 support from WordPress experts. All you need to do is add your own content; you can leave the rest to us for a hassle-free hosting experience. Contact HostAfrica today for more information about WordPress hosting for websites.

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