Configure cPanel


To configure cPanel, you can access your recently installed cPanel at https://yourIPaddress or https://yourdomainname. Note that your browser may display an SSL warning; simply ignore it for now.

  1. Log in with the username root and your root password.
  2. Continue by reading and accepting the license agreement.
  3. Enter your preferred contact email address, and optionally an SMS address, AIM number or ICQ number too.
  4. Enter the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) for your server, in the format domain.tld
  5. Check the values for your DNS resolvers – they should be filled in automatically but it is important to ensure they are correct.
  6. Ensure your main network device is set to
  7. Check that the above is correct and click on ‘Save & Go to Step 3’.
  8. Click on ‘Skip This Step and Use Default Settings’ in the Setup IP Addresses section.
  9. Configure your DNS in Step 4 according to your DNS requirements.
  10. If you are going to use third party nameservers for authoritative DNS services, select ‘Disabled’ in the Name Server column. List your desired nameservers in the provided fields. Select either BIND or NSD in the Name Server column if you want to operate your own DNS servers on your host server. List the nameservers that you set up in WHM before installing cPanel. Click on ‘Save & Go to Step 5’.
  11. Configure additional cPanel services as you require. Click on ‘Save & Go to Step 6’.
  12. Enable or disable support for filesystem quotas. It is recommended to leave this disabled unless you want to track disk usage on a per-user basis.
  13. Click on ‘Finish Setup Wizard’.

Configuring your additional cPanel services

Using SFTP (available by default for any main cPanel username) to upload and download files is recommended in place of installing an FTP server, but you may install an FTP server if you wish. Installing Pure-FTPd during the configuration phase will allow you to add file access for multiple users if required. You can also choose whether or not to enable cPHulk.

Contact HOSTAFRICA for assistance

Once you’ve finished the setup wizard for configuring cPanel, you can also enable additional features offered by cPanel in their Feature Showcase. Contact HOSTAFRICA for more assistance on configuring cPanel.

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