HOSTAFRICA Reseller WHMCS module installation guide


1. Download our reseller module HERE

2. You will need to extract downloaded file, using software like “7zip”, “winrar”, “unzip”, in which you will find folder shown in the screenshot below.

3. The folder needs to be uploaded to your root WHMCS folder, where the “modules” directory is located.

Module activation in WHMCS

1. Log in to your WHMCS admin control panel

2. Go to Setup -> Addon Modules

3. Find the “HOSTAFRICA API Module”. Click Activate, and after Module is active, press the Configure button.

4. Check the “Full Administrator” checkbox and click “Save Changes”.

Reseller module configuration

1. In WHMCS admin control panel go to Addons -> HOSTAFRICA API Module

2. Click on the “Add Credentials” button

3. In the following form, enter the required credentials and press the “Submit” button

  • Email address – Enter the email address that you use for your client profile
  • API Key – Enter the API key we have provided you.
  • API Secret – Enter the API Secret we have provided you.
  • Host – Enter the Host URL we have provided you.

Creating reseller product

1. In your WHMCS admin control panel go to Setup -> Products/Services -> Products/Services

2. Create a new product group by the clicking button at the top of the page.

3. Configure product group. You can name it anything you want.

4. Create New product from Products/Services. Press Continue.

  • Product Type – Dedicated/VPS Server
  • Product Group – Group you have previously created
  • Product Name – This is your product name

5. Go to Module Settings and Chose Module “HOSTAFRICA”, then save changes.

6. After saving, product dropdown will load into the page. Choose product you want to setup. Press “Save Changes”.

7. Select Product plan you want to resell and press “Save Changes” once more.

8. Go to Custom Field tab and enter fields data and Save Changes.

  • Field Name – OS|OS Template
  • Field Type – Drop Down
  • Select Options – Available OS template list
  • Cloud Server Templates:

Centos7, 6; Debian_9, 8; Ubuntu_18.04, 16.04; FreePBX 10, SNG7, 3CX; CHR.

  • Windows Cloud Server Templates:

Windows_2019, Windows_2016, Windows_2012_R2.

  • Virtuozzo Server Templates:

centos-7-x86_64, centos-6-x86_64, fedora-23-x86_64, debian-9.0-x86_64, debian-8.0-x86_64, debian-7.0-x86_64, vzlinux-7-x86_64, ubuntu-18.04-x86_64, ubuntu-16.04-x86_64, ubuntu-14.04-x86_64, suse-42.3-x86_64, suse-42.2-x86_64, suse-42.1-x86_64, sles-12-x86_64, sles-11-x86_64.

  • Required Field – Should be checked
  • Show on Order Form – Should be checked

9. Go to Setup -> Products/Services -> Configurable Options

10. Click “Create a New Group

11. Fill in new Configurable Options Group details and press “Save Changes”.

  • Group name – Name can be anything
  • Description – Not required
  • Assigned Products – Select products you just created

12. Press “Add New Configurable Option” and fill out the form and press “Save Changes

13. Repeat step 12 with following configurable options


Module configuration and Product setup have been done.


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