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When you’re hunting for a home, you pay a lot of attention to the neighbourhood. You want to make sure it’s safe, has good schools, and that your guests won’t be too scared (or ashamed) to visit. Unfortunately, we don’t put nearly as much effort into our virtual premises. Your online residence needs to be just as meticulously selected:

  • website pages should load quickly to reduce your bounce rate
  • the URL must be secure to prevent hacking
  • your website should be functional, easy to navigate, and suitable for your products, services, or content.

HostAfrica meets all those needs and more.

Experience the safety

Our 15 years’ experience ensures you’re in the right virtual neighbourhood, and our SSL certification options encrypt your customer’s data so they can safely purchase from your online store. And now we offer WordPress hosting, a service that powers a third of the web. Top companies like BBC, Sony, Disney, MTV, and even Facebook all have websites powered by WordPress. It’s one of the easiest site-building platforms because it installs in just one click and there are thousands of templates to choose from. WordPress is packed with plug-ins that do everything from SEO optimisation to enabling gifs and blocking spam.

Test and clone

If your website is rich in features, it’s easy to test out new ones. Just clone your site and test-run all the new tools and effects without risking the code and appearance of your active site. It’s a great way to optimise your web design without glitching or crashing. In addition, you can protect your domains with one-touch Plesk. No threats, no worries! Our WordPress hosting is available for individual websites, or third party hosts, allowing you to build websites and manage all your customers on a single control panel. Our virtual server services start from R299 a month and can handle traffic with minimal downtime. All our quick-loading pages utilise Google PageSpeed for metrics and optimised performance. If you have any questions, or to sign up for our new WordPress hosting service, give us a call today.

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