New Technology in 2018

Various new technologies have either appeared or are set to appear this here. Here are a few for 2018 that have been highlighted by various people in the know.

According to Forbes, MIT has revealed the following tech that is going to make a big impact this year.

New Technology – 3D Metal Printing


3D Plastic printing has become almost an everyday thing and has made the process of rapid prototyping affordable to all. Affordable 3D Metal printing is almost here and could mean open up some fantastic possibilities. Need a spare part for your car? No problem – your dealer does not need to keep stock anymore. They keep a file with the technical specs and merely have to print the part for you. Smaller runs of parts at a fraction of the cost can mean the explosion of the boutique car maker and other such industries.

New Technology – Smart cities 

Cities that have enough sensors can be taught to self-regulate, from water and waste control through to redirecting traffic to less congested routes and automatically dispatching emergency services far faster than humans can.

New Technology – Cloud-based AI 

Big players in the Cloud such as Google, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft are increasing their efforts at developing effective neural-nets and making AI tools available to subscribers. This will accelerate the use of AI as the biggest blocking point at present is the cost of running AI.

Quantum run has the following facts and tech highlights for 2018:

New Trends – Video data

This will consume a large part of internet data usage. Video consumption of the World Cup alone will generate nearly as much Internet traffic as occurred in all of Australia in 2013, according to a new Cisco Systems Inc report that shows growth in Internet traffic is fueled by video. Video data is expected to grow to 84 percent of Internet traffic in the United States by 2018 from 78 percent currently used. The report forecasts that, by 2018, online connected machines will take over televisions as the fastest growing connected devices, making up over 46 percent of Internet traffic, from the current 25 percent.

New Technology – More efficient solar energy conversion

Solar energy will play a large part in transforming our energy mix in 2018. A large part of the cost per kilowatt of PV cells and Solar Heating systems comes from losses in converting sunlight to electricity or heat. Doing this more efficiently means that PV arrays and Heating Panels can shrink down and get more bang for your buck. Better energy storage with a focus on eco-friendly designs that do not use toxic chemicals will also slowly change the face of renewable energy.

New Technology – High-Speed WiFi

In China, they already have 10Gbps Wifi on the 5GHz bandwidth. This is 10 times faster than currently available over WiFi and is being developed by Huawei. Huawei believes that ultrafast Wi-Fi could become commercially available from 2018 pending the agreement of global standards requirements and sufficient chipset availability.


New Trends – Internet Traffic


Global Internet Traffic has grown to 132 ExaBytes per month.

(1 ExaByte = 1Million TeraBytes)


The Cisco VNI forecast: historical internet context


Global Internet Traffic


100 GB per day


100 GB per hour


100 GB per second


2,000 GB per second


26,600 GB per second


105,800 GB per second


Although we are using more and more data, we must always ask – does what I do every day help or improve someone besides myself in some way and can I do more or do what I do better. Do, Check, Respond, Refine, Repeat – the heart of the ITIL cycle is useful in everyday life as well as IT.

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