Technical Blogger Needed

HOSTAFRICA needs a technical blogger to write quality articles that serve as useful guides to our readers. The writer must be an expert in the hosting technology that our services run on and be fluent in English.  

We require an experienced blogger to write (remotely) monthly blog articles for the long term on content such as “How to” tutorials, guides, procedures, and advice on topics such as Linux, firewalls, WHM, cPanel, cloud technology, cybersecurity, etc.

  As a leading hosting company in South Africa, we host dedicated servers, virtual servers, CMSs like WordPress and eCommerce apps. Moreover, we also offer domain registration, web security, and online backups. These are complex but essential technologies our customers need to understand clearly in order to improve their daily lives. This is why it’s important that we improve our HOSTAFRICA blog in terms of practical content, length, depth, and SEO.


Here are our most popular technical blogs:

Linux basics SED

Super simple guide cPanel

Spamassassin scoring explained


Both agencies and freelance technical bloggers are welcome to apply. Payment is negotiable, depending on the quality of content you can produce. We can decide on an hourly rate or a fixed rate for each article produced.


When you apply please include:

-Your resume (and a cover letter is encouraged).

-A list of topics you specialise in and have written about extensively. Preferably, please also include links to your work, website, company or LinkedIn profile.

-The rates you charge and your availability.

  Please email michel(at)hostafrica(dot)co(dot)za to apply.

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