Most of us have heard of firewalls, but do we understand the concepts that make them work. This week, Host Africa will take a look at some basic firewall concepts and try to make them a bit easier to understand. Types of firewall Traditionally, there are two main types with many variations in-between. These two […]
The assortment of SSL certificates available may be confusing and could result in purchasing more (or less) than we need. Using a few questions, we can quickly arrive at a correct decision. Is your website for personal or business use? This hinges on what you want your website visitor to see. Is a valid HTTPS […]
This article is not from a professional SQL Database Administrator’s perspective. It is from someone who has been using MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB for the last 18 years. I have found some basic principles around database design that make life a lot easier. And then researched the best practice whitepapers to confirm the soundness of that […]
We continue looking at less commonly used DNS records, but we also look at the soon to be common AAAA record which is merely the IPV6 version of an A record. Before that, we will first examine the SRV and the rare DNAME records. The SRV extended DNS record SRV records are DNS entries that […]

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