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VPS or Web-hosting - which do I need?
Which package is right for me? This all depends on what you want to do and what skills you have available. The quick and short answer is Websites = Web Hosting and Applications = VPS. This is a bit of an oversimplification. If your website includes some sort of customised back-end software or application, you […]
deploy kubernetes cluster on debian 11 with containerd
Kubernetes has become the go-to platform to build, manage, and scale IT infrastructures. Using a few YAML configuration files, you can create a self-sufficient cluster with application pods distributed across various nodes. Kubernetes ensures that pods restart in case they crash, scale-up in times of high traffic, and migrate to a different node, if the […]
set up a store on woocommerce logo on dark background
Set Up a WooCommerce Store on your WordPress Website Image credit: Homepage There are plenty of ways to build an online store, but WooCommerce is, by far, the best choice. Here’s why: It’s free, open-source, and highly stable. It’s used to power over 30% of ecommerce stores worldwide. It’s incredibly fast to set up. […]
Linux Basics - head, tail, cat and more (or less)
The following are all BASH commands that are in daily use for most admin tasks. Need to extract a list of email addresses from a log file or a list of domains from a zone file list? These tools can do all of this and more. Let us dig in and have a look at what […]
BASH - file permissions
File permissions in Linux are one of those things that you either spend some time getting to grips with (and then never forget) or you end up having to double check against Google every time you need to change a file permission. Hopefully, this article will assist you in the former and help you avoid […]
LAMP Server To develop PHP web apps, you need to set up Apache, MySQL and PHP, in a LAMP Stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) environment.  You can either install the individual components i.e Apache, MySQL and PHP or you can install a BUNDLE package which includes all the software needed in a single installer package. There are various […]