How to choose (design) a good password  A good password is more than just some obscure word or a random combination of characters. Modern password cracking software can easily break passwords in a surprisingly short time. Any password shorter than 12 characters is fair game and even longer passwords can fall if not constructed correctly. […]
cron jobs image
Cron jobs are a software utility and time-based scheduler in Unix-like environments. Though they are found in a range of software, for this article, we will look at cron jobs in CPanel for your website. They are used in a variety of tasks, such as running scripts or downloading items from the internet. If you […]
server new data move
It’s inevitable that most websites will move their server from one host to another at least once. This is often done because the new host will provide better service, features, or is cheaper. And while most individuals can’t physically pick up their server and move it to another location, there are other options if you’re […]
The .htaccess file is one of the most important pieces of your website. It’s used in conjunction with the Apache Web Server software to execute or disable features offered by the software. By design, it’s both a blessing and a curse depending on how you set up the file. Unless you’ve created a website from […]
secure web server
There are a number of ways to keep your server protected from security breaches and hackers. The most obvious thing to do is to keep your server and website software up to date, but you’re more than likely already doing this. What else can you do? Bare in mind that no system is impenetrable, but […]

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