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The information on your server is critical to you or your business. If you have a website with user data, then it’s critical to them as well. Because of this, your website needs to not only be secure, but constantly backed up as well. After all, what are you going to do if you’re hacked […]
There’s often a debate around whether your website needs to have an HTTPS connection or not, and whether HTTP is still fine. The SSL acronym is also thrown into the discussion, but if you haven’t been working with websites, then all of this jargon may be a little daunting at first. Don’t worry, it’s not […]
You may be under the impression that your server will never be the target for malware. It may contains no data of any value to anyone. Your server may only host a few personal backups and no website. As far as you are concerned, your server has no public footprint. What many people don’t realize […]
There is a range of components that create your PC. It’s not just about the Central Processing Unit (CPU), hard drive, or RAM. You also need to pick out the perfect range of pieces to give you the best value for money. You’ll need a copy of Windows Unless you’re into Linux, you’re going to […]
Computer viruses have been around almost as long as computers have. These nasty programs can infect your system with all manner of problems and even allow a hacker to access in remotely. Your website can also be infected with a virus, which means you need to always keep it up to date. Website malware is […]
When it comes to having a website, there are a few tips and tricks that you need to know about. Managing your website is not just about sharing the URL and hoping someone clicks on adverts. A lot of work actually goes into running a website, such as hosting, even more so if it’s well […]

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