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website hosting jargon explained
Understanding the lingo of a particular topic is one of the first steps to becoming adept within the given topic. Whether it’s microbiology or website hosting and SEO, once you understand the jargon other ideas and concepts are much easier to explain and implement. Language then, is a very interesting concept in the sense that […]
what is a virtual machine
In our virtual machine guide, we explain everything there is to know about virtual machines in a series of blogs that will grow continuously. We will explain exactly what VMs are, how they are virtualized, how they run, how they can benefit your business, use cases, cloud virtualization and IaaS, how it works, what the […]
5 free ways to market your website dark background
Extra, Extra! Market your website with no extra cost, in a way that makes an actual impact on your traffic. And no, we not talking about eliciting the help of a 20th century peasant boy who’ll run around and toss newspapers at unsuspecting passers-by. We mean free, impactful marketing strategies that’ll help build your brand […]
10 free plugins WooCommerce dark background
So you’ve got your online store up and running thanks to WooCommerce, but what about the free plugins? You’re making a couple of sales, shipping a few items here and there, and sometimes you even get a positive review or comment for your business. You know you’re close, but you also know that you can […]
5 ways to scale your small business dark background
“Times are tough” An adage we’ve all heard repeated (and sometimes felt) throughout the years, but perhaps none more so than small business owners. Contents Research your market and know your customers Build a sales funnel Use social media Give back to your community Build an A-class team With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, […]
create awesome content for your blog dark background
Create top-notch quality content for your blog You’re staring at your screen, hypothetical pen in hand, abstract cartoon images swirling around inside your head – it’s time to create content for your blog and write your first blog post. Although, the more you stare at the blinking cursor the more you realise you’re not sure […]