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remote applications
    In our previous post on Remote Desktop Services – Part 1, we had just completed installing Remote Desktop Services. Before we continue, just a reminder:  your server hostname MUST be a full domain name (FQDN) that resolves e.g If it is not, the Remote application links will NOT work.   Remote Desktop […]
windows rdp
Ever since Windows Server 2008 R2, we have been able to break away from the need to access a full desktop in order to use a single application. This means that we can have an application shortcut on your desktop which looks and acts like a normal shortcut but opens an application directly off a […]
Linux vs Windows - TCO, ROI and more
When IT Managers get asked why they prefer Windows over Linux, the excuse is often given that it would be too expensive to run Linux as they would need to retrain staff or hire a specialist. Other reasons given are software compatibility and “lack of support”. I have been a hardcore Open Source fanatic for […]
SQL Database Options
What database options are there ? When it comes to a database for your server, there are many more options than just Microsoft SQL. As we all know Linux users have a free choice of database options. Less known is that Microsoft Server users also have a choice. Instead of paying a fortune for MS […]
Windows Updates - why you should
  Windows updates can be a contentious issue. It administrators have very different opinions as to whether they should or should not update windows. They main reasons AGAINST updating are not based so much in fact as in legacy.       Windows Updates as they used to be….. In the old days (of Server […]
control cost
Cloud computing can be a big saving. If you get too enthusiastic though,  you could end up spending money on computing you do not really need. Striking a balance is the key to using cloud and virtualization technology for controlling cost.         The Cost of Virtual Sprawl Virtual machines are easy to […]