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What is your Cloud Driver?
Choosing your cloud hosting provider is an important decision. How to choose the correct provider depends on what your priorities are concerning your data and your computing needs. Cloud Driver: Features vs Price Often a hosting provider will offer all you ever need, but at a price that s not sustainable. Sometimes the price may […]
linux security
Linux security is often overlooked in the mistaken assumption that security is built in. While this may be true to a certain extent, not taking any security measures makes you a target. No security often indicates to an attacker that the server administrator is possibly inexperienced and an easy target. At Host Africa, we care […]
Setting up your email is often something we rush to get it working. It’s not the actual work we need to do, but is imperative to us being able to do our work the way we should. Taking a moment to decide which protocol you want between POP3 or IMAP can save you a lot […]
A short guide to designing faster websites
Designing a website and then expecting your site to speed up by throwing more resources such as CPU and bandwidth at it will never work. The main reason is that many people are still on slow connections or have low data caps. This means that they will only ever visit your site once. If a […]
VPS or Shared - Types of Hosting
    When it comes to hosting, there are various types that are often confused or misunderstood. The cost of each type is different and the scalability, redundancy and complexity of each also differs. The rule of thumb is “more features = higher price”. ¬†True “CLOUD” hosting is not that common and the term is […]
The Art of Infrastructure
  IT Infrastructure is an often underrated and misjudged part of IT. The observation is sometimes made that “any techie can do it”. The unfortunate reality is that many do ! What is this “Infra” – Structure ? Infrastructure is also sometimes confused with architecture. This is not too much of a stretch as infrastructure […]