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Client success story above Kim Watermeyer logo on black and green background
There’s a story behind every business or hobby We’ve started a Support Businesses campaign. In the spirit of Ubuntu you support our company and we support your ventures. Whether you run a business or engage in hobbies, we love to know how our services are helping our clients realise their dreams, provide solutions, support others, make a difference […]
Troubleshooting website issues
Basic troubleshooting methodology At HOSTAFRICA, we believe that troubleshooting must be structured to be useful. I find the best method is the “Macro to Micro” approach. This means that you verify the correctness and functionality of the largest factors involved in the issue first as, without these, the problem will not resolve. This is a process […]
rank high on google part 3
Off-Page SEO Techniques to Rank High on Google If you have been following our 3-part article series, you already know just how vital it’s to rank top of the page for Google. You get all the hits, all the new orders, and basically, leave your competition in the dust… Your brand becomes the go-to choice […]
The hardware used to run your network
The internet has become a daily necessity in life. In fact, the United Nations Human Rights Council has deemed it a Basic Human Right. What actually connects our computers to not only the internet, but the network at work, or a PC gaming party? There are quite a few pieces of hardware used in running […]
Extended DNS Records - SVR, DNAME and AAAA records
We continue looking at less commonly used DNS records, but we also look at the soon to be common AAAA record which is merely the IPV6 version of an A record. Before that, we will first examine the SRV and the rare DNAME records. The SRV extended DNS record SRV records are DNS entries that […]
how to choose the best web hosting
How To Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Online Business While establishing your online store, choosing the best hosting for e-commerce is arguably the most important decision you must make. Do you go with shared hosting, or do you choose a VPS (virtual private server)? What about all the free options out there? Should […]