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NginX Basics
What is NginX? NginX (pronounced Engine-X or N-Jinx) is a high-performance web server designed to deliver large amounts of content quickly with the efficient use of system resources. NginX’s strong point is its ability to efficiently serve static content, like plain HTML and media files. It is especially good at handling many concurrent connections. Some consider it […]
Difference between Windows and Linux cloud server
A Windows or a Linux cloud server – this is the first question when choosing a cloud hosting plan for your website online. Which operating system to choose can be difficult without knowing the differences between them, and the specific benefits that each can offer. The differences between Windows and Linux operating systems are based […]
You decided you need a website. What now?  This short guide will help you understand what is involved and why each step is needed when starting your own website. Steps to follow to enable your website You will need to take the following steps to move from that decision to a presence on the internet […]
How to rank high on Google part 2 blog cover
Improving On-Page SEO To Rank High on Google Ranking top of the page for Google is important for more reasons than one. Not only do the top spots, on the first page of a Google search result, guarantee a high CTR, but they also boost your brand’s credibility. Googlers will trust by default, whatever claim […]
create a website with wordpress on blue theme background
How To Create a WordPress Website With a Web Host – Beginner’s Guide So, you have purchased a hosting package and chosen a fitting domain name. At this point, you can’t wait to enter the domain name in the browser and have your very own website pop up. But that won’t quite work just yet. You […]
how to install ssl certificates in cpanel
Navigating your way around cPanel can be a bit tricky if you’re new to hosting or aren’t familiar with the interface. Not to worry, we’ll show you how to install your SSL certificate in cPanel. Fortunately for you, we’ve gone through the steps just as a beginner would, so we’ll be guiding you throughout the […]