At Host Africa, we sometimes see clients purchase a VPS, only to run out of disk space within a matter of weeks. We even had one client who ran out of disk space in a matter of days. Why was this? What it really boils down to is a lack of knowledge on the client side. […]
SSH is not just a way to connect to your Linux VPS SSH or Secure Shell is a network protocol that enables secure connections. It is heavily used to connect to servers, make changes, upload things, and exit. Sometimes these actions happen via tools and sometimes directly via the terminal. If you are tired of repeatedly […]
This year has seen some pretty interesting technology trends. We have a quick look at some of them and what they may mean….. Machine Learning or Deep Learning (ML or DL) Technology Machine learning and Deep Learning technology is already on the edge of a revolution. They are widely adopted in datacenters (Amazon making graphical […]
linux security
Linux Security is dependant on the administrator One of the advantages of using Linux is that its security tends to be so much better than that of the competing alternatives. The fact remains, however, that no operating system is perfectly secure. A lazy administrator can destroy all the good work put into Linux as far as […]
code better
Know the purpose of your domain or website At Host Africa, we have seen that having a website is no recipe for success. Some companies only have a web domain so that their email address corresponds to the company name. This a very valid reason to have a domain and better than having a website misrepresenting […]
What is SCRUM?   Scrum is a software product development strategy that can be used for project management as well. It organizes people as a team to reach a common goal — creating a ready-for-market product. It is a widely used subset of Agile software development. Scrum software development starts with a wish list of […]

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