SSL certificates

Getting to know more about SSL certificates

SSL certificates are an important aspect of setting up your own website. Understanding what an SSL certificate is and what it does can help you improve your site. SSL stands for secure socket layer, which creates a safe connection between your server and your website visitors by using encryption. If you have an SSL certificate, it means that the data entering or leaving your website, such as passwords, user accounts, or payment details, is secured.

More reasons to use SSL certificates

Obviously, a secure website is of utmost importance, but SSL certificates have other benefits to offer too. Having your SSL certificate seal displayed on your website will help gain your visitors’ trust by letting them know their information is secure when they use your site. This will, in turn, help you convert more visitors into paying customers and boost your sales along with your reputation. Speaking of reputation, did you know SSL can give you a higher google ranking? Now you can reach an even wider audience. At HostAfrica, you can order an SSL certificate for website. Our SSL certificates offer a range of benefits, including:

  • A site seal to let your visitors know your site is secure
  • Simple setup with only a few clicks to activate your SSL
  • High compatibility with all popular browsers, including safari, chrome and firefox
  • Strong 256-bit or 128-bit encryption for security

Secure your website today

HostAfrica is a premium SSL provider with a selection of four quality packages for SSL certificates. Our packages include a range of certificates for one to three years from wildcard, positive, comodo and comodo ev. We also offer discounted rates on SSL certificates valid for more than one year. With us, you are sure to find the SSL solution that perfectly matches your needs, whether you run a small blogging site or a major e-commerce website with several sub-domains. Make sure you have SSL for your site security as well as your search ranking and online visibility. In the future, only SSL websites will be supported by browsers, so make sure your site is set up with SSL today. Contact HostAfrica for more information about SSL certificates.

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