HA site builder

Benefits of using HA site builder

Using Host Africa’s site builder is simple and convenient. Choose a website template from the many options in our library, use the drag and drop tool to add content and arrange the layout as you like, and publish the site online when you’re ready to go live. Our site builder is user-friendly and does all the work for you, requiring no programming skills or special knowledge about web design. All you need to do is add your original content. Our interactive guide provides tutorials, tips and tricks to get you started with the site builder tools. Everything you create or change will be instantly viewable in the site builder, and a simple click will publish your changes to your live site. You can edit any feature at any time in your site builder, from your desktop or mobile device.

Choose from three HA site builder packages

We have 3 different site builder packages to choose from, all of which offer their own set of benefits and advantages. Our Starter package is the basic beginner’s site builder. This includes 2GB storage, 5GB web traffic, 25 email accounts, a limited amount of plugins and 1 published website. For a professional site builder solution, our Pro package offers 5GB storage, unlimited web traffic, 100 email accounts, unlimited plugins to use and 2 websites. If you’re looking for even more advanced capabilities, our Pro Plus package offers 20GB of storage, unlimited web traffic, email accounts and plugins, and up to 6 websites. Whichever package you choose, all include several features for your benefit:

  • A wide range of templates to choose from
  • Website hosting included in the package
  • Daily backups
  • A free SSL certificate
  • SEO tools
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Choose Host Africa for stunning website creation

Our site builder provides a blank canvas for you to create stunning, fully functional websites with ease. With such as wide range of functions and features, such as SEO, site analytics, SSL certificates and RSS feeds, you can reach the widest possible audience and boost your brand. Contact HostAfrica today to give our site builder a try.

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