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Starting the year with a new website (HA sitebuilder)

We use websites a lot, and we may even acknowledge that our business needs one. But where do we go from there? A lot of us have the basics down. We know we should buy a domain. Once we have it, we type it into our search engine and begin to cry, because as one budding digital entrepreneur put it, ‘Why does it look like that?!?’. Well, ‘that’ is what a website looks like before you build it. It’s like a house with walls and doors but no furnishing … or finishing. To make your site look like an actual website, you need a web designer and web developer.

Too rich for your blood?

Yes, they can be expensive, which is why many start-ups opt for free website templates, like WordPress or Wix. That works well, but there’s always a chance someone else is using the same template, meaning their site looks almost exactly like yours. So, if you want some originality and a personal touch, consider using an easy-web-design tool like our HOSTAFRICA Site Builder. It helps you create a professional-looking website even if you have no knowledge of graphics or coding. Incidentally, it’s based on WordPress, but with a few HOSTAFRICA extras. For example, directly downloaded WordPress templates don’t always including hosting. Ours do.

Get the full package

We offer one-click installation that:

  • creates your admin account
  • downloads your databases
  • starts up your website.

But even with a template, there may be plug-ins and add-ons you want to test – privately. You don’t want customers and prospects seeing it until it’s ready (because … what if it backfires?) But with our sitebuilder, we offer cloning tools. You can create a ‘copy’ of your website, use it to test features, then implement them on your live website once you’re satisfied. We call it our Staging Environment. Finally, we ‘harden’ your site to protect it from malware, viruses and the like. Just click ‘Secure’ and we’ll spot and stop all threats. For the perfect start to your new website, contact HOSTAFRICA today.

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