All in one WordPress hosting

About a third of the world’s websites run on WordPress, but not all of them are directly linked to WordPress servers. There are lots of reasons for this. WordPress is a global entity, so while they have a top-notch platform that’s universally compatible, they can’t always customise regional solutions. Here in South Africa, for example, you may prefer a local server host that gives tailored support. That’s what Host Africa does through our Plesk WordPress ToolKit. To explain, when you download a WordPress template from, you get a gorgeous design with no frills. You might opt into their hosting package, which probably has servers in the west.

Service on hand

Sometimes though, you want the kind of web partner who:

  • you can call from 9 to 5, someone whose offices you can walk into if you really need to.
  • can work with you directly, and understands your web needs from a cultural, social, and economic perspective.

Plesk web packages include design, hosting, and testing. We have a clone feature where you can evaluate new web features before putting them live on your website. We also have a one-touch web hardener to protect your website from viruses and other threats. None of this is available on traditional WordPress sites … these accessories are just for us.

Be the boss

Plesk isn’t just for individual website owners. We have packages for resellers and web designers. These ‘web programmer’ platforms allow you to host and/or build websites for your own client base. Your Plesk dashboard helps you do for them what we do for you – developing and maintaining sites on their behalf. You could even start your own WordPress Agency and run it on your phone. As a webmaster, for instance, you could check all your websites and harden them simultaneously using a single click. And all our sites have search engine indexing, which helps your websites respond to web crawler algorithms and therefor perform better in rankings. For your all-in-one WordPress hosting package, call HOSTAFRICA today.

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