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Bring your veterinary practice to the forefront with this recognisable domain, or lend authenticity to your advice blog and forums.

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popular domain extensions

our most popular top-level domains and their prices

co.za domain names

Uniquely South African, your personal email address and website will be trusted with the .co.za extension.
.com whois lookup and registration

Old school original, the beginning of the internet. Approximately 135 Million .com registrations exist. It's time to claim yours.
.net register it when there is no .com

Often seen as the next best domain name, we think it's the perfect domain to book for any online endeavour you may have.
.org organisation registrations

Organisations or non-profits: A .org domain name will give your operation the legitimacy it deserves.

domain features

Free DNS Hosting

Manage your domain's DNS without the need for a web hosting package attached to it.

Free Parked Page

We'll provide you with a free parked page for your domain while you build your website.

URL Forwarding

All our domains come with the ability to forward them to any URL of your choice.

Blacklist Checking

Easy to use tool to check if your domain is listed on any blacklists.

social tracking
Social Engagement Tracking

Easily track any social media engagement for your domain name.

Nameserver Management

Point your domain name to any host or use custom nameservers with ease.

domain categories

Browse the various domain categories to find the perfect domain extension.

Add email addresses or web hosting

search, register and buy domains

Whatever it is you do, there's a domain name out there to fit your needs.

Check domain availability with HOSTAFRICA. We make it easy to search for and register a domain name. We understand the challenges many are faced with when trying to register and transfer a domain name so well, that we are happy to resolve them for you.

We will run a domain check to search for availability of your requested URL. Once found available, we purchase your chosen domain on your behalf. Once you buy a domain with us, we automatically send your data to the responsible registrar. Then you will gain access to our Client Area, where you can maintain your domain data at all times.

HOSTAFRICA’s free .co.za domain registration means you don’t have to pay its regular domain price. We also offer advanced DNS controls, multi-year registration and free expert support.

As one of the few providers offering VPS services in South Africa, we remain a leader in the Hosting industry not only due to our competitively priced packages, but also our capacity to ensure the highest speeds for local access in South Africa. This takes all the hassle out of web domain registration and ensures that your website is functioning optimally at all times.

client reviews

reviews from trusted online review authorities

HelloPeter HOSTAFRICA Reviews
Good Customer Service

Very good customer service experiences. Whenever I have an issue I log a ticket and receive quick efficient responses to keep our website and email servers running smoothly.
HelloPeter HOSTAFRICA Reviews
Proffesional domain registration

I finally registered my unique domain name with Host Africa. Their service is fast and professional. I'm registering more domains and looking forward to hosting my sites with them. Keep it up!
Jacques T
HelloPeter HOSTAFRICA Reviews
Hosting made Easy!

I have been with Host Africa for many years, and I can honestly say it has been a pleasure working with them. From their quick response to my queries, to their helpful hand in helping with my development, their team is without a doubt the best I've dealt with. I'm glad to call myself a client and partner of...
Dean B

popular domain faqs

Here are some popular FAQs to help you with finding your domain.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is your website name and works as an address with which users on the internet can find your website. Computers use IP addresses to locate websites, but since this can be difficult for us humans to remember, domains provide an easier alternative for us. To create a domain name, you simply need to register the domain you want to use.

How often do I need to register and renew my domain name?

You only need to register once for your domain, although you will need to renew your domain name every year for a fee. This is to ensure the domain is being used, and the name isn’t being wasted. You can only renew your domain name once a year.

Why should I register my domain name as soon as possible?

There are a limited number of domains available, and once a domain has been registered, no one else can use that domain name to identify their website. Once you have registered your domain name, you can change your website provider without worrying about having to change your website or email addresses.

Which domain extension should I choose?

The most popular domains on the internet include .com, .net and .org. However, there are millions of domains already registered on these, making it more difficult to secure the right one for you. It’s a popular practise around the world to use the Internet Country Code of the country you reside in as your domain, such as .co.za, as this helps people recognise the region you operate in.

However, there are hundreds of domains available based on what your website is about and many of these are cheaper than the alternatives with plenty of domains available to register. HOSTAFRICA offers hundreds of domains to choose from, and we encourage you to browse through them to find the perfect domain for you.

What do I do if I do a domain check and my name is taken?

There are billions of websites around today, so don’t be alarmed if the domain name you wanted is already taken. The best method around this is to choose a different domain extension. Google will not penalise you in search results based on your extension, so your online performance will not suffer. You can benefit from a more specific and easier to remember domain for your business, website, or interest. For example, .lawyer can give a law firm credibility in their website name.

domain name add ons

Website Builder
You don’t need programming or design knowledge. We provide the canvas, just decide what you need and add it. Create a website
Virtual machines in the cloud, SSD storage.
Virtual Servers
Cloud servers locally hosted and backed by our decades of experience. Dedicated Hosting
Website cPanel host
Web Hosting
HOSTAFRICA Web Hosting is the perfect solution to start your own Website or Online-Shop with your own Domain. Get Web Hosting
Green SSL
SSL Certificates
Make your site trustworthy. HOSTAFRICA offers a wide selection of SSL Certificate plans for all degrees of security. Get a SSL certificate

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