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Start your online store now. PrestaShop is efficient; packed with functionality, it will allow you to create an online store. Create your own shop and grow your business online.

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prestashop hosting

Reliably serve your PrestaShop store.

PrestaShop Starter

For one Website


per month
1 Free "" domain
20 GB SSD storage
Host 1 domain

Unlimited web traffic
25 email accounts
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
5 MySQL databases
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
5 MySQL databases

PrestaShop Basic

For Small Businesses


per month
1 Free "" domain
40 GB SSD storage
Host 2 domains
(1 add-on domain)
Unlimited web traffic
25 email accounts
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
50 MySQL databases
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
50 MySQL databases

PrestaShop Power

Power Package


per month
1 Free "" domain
100 GB SSD storage
Host 3 domains
(2 add-on domains)
Unlimited web traffic
Unlimited email accounts
5 FTP account
500 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases
5 FTP account
500 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases

PrestaShop Shop

For Companies


per month
1 Free "" domain
200 GB SSD storage
Host 5 domains
(4 add-on domains)
Unlimited web traffic
Unlimited email accounts
10 FTP accounts
1000 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases
10 FTP accounts
1000 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases

resource limits

Resource Limits Starter Basic Power Shop
Speed 200 300 400 600
PMEM 2048 3072 4096 6144
IO 128 MB/s 192 MB/s 256 MB/s 384 MB/s
IOPS 768 1024 2048 4096
EP 40 45 50 60
NPROC 200 250 300 400
PrestaShop Hosting Plans: Monthly Contract, Monthly Billing, Cancel Anytime.
* domain name is registered free when used as the primary domain for the hosting account. Renewed annually at the normal price.
*Unlimited Web Traffic (Bandwidth): HOSTAFRICA reserves the right to reduce the bandwidth in cases of extensive use. Contact us if you have any questions.

optional features, included in prestashop

  • Create products with variants from a list of attributes using the combinations generator.
  • Create and sell digital products.
  • Attaching files or display additional information in product pages.
  • Set a minimal quantity to purchase for some products.
  • Choose which message to display for out-of-stock items.
  • Enable SSL.
  • Use different display mode or layered navigation.
  • Add a product search box in your 404 error pages.
  • Inform your customers about your store.
  • Display your physical stores on a google map.
  • Define maximum dimension of the packages.
  • Display results with the main information about the products listed.

includes outgoing mail spam filtering

email icon

Improved Deliverability

Prevents your emails from landing in the spam box or not being delivered at all.

list with check marks icon

Avoid Blacklisting

Outgoing spam filtering ensures the IP addresses remain clean in order to avoid blacklisting.

lock icon

Protect Recipients

Protect your recipients against unwittingly sending malware or spyware via email.

search results icon

Improved Reputation

Improves your IP reputation and also your website reputation, which helps with SEO.

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how to choose the best host for your prestashop store

PrestaShop makes it easy to launch an online store. The platform itself is free, which means that you can use it to build a store. But to publish your store on the internet, you need to buy PrestaShop hosting.

Hosting will provide the server space and resources that your website needs to serve its visitors. Your PrestaShop hosting needs to be reliable, resilient and resourceful, otherwise your customer experience will suffer.

Stores running on unreliable hosts are slow to browse and often go down. They are also at a greater risk of getting hacked. This is why you need to fund the best PrestaShop hosting provider for your business.

Not sure where to begin when choosing a host for your PrestaShop store? Let's take a look at four of the most important factors to consider when making a decision.

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world-class customer support

The hidden cost and detriment that poor support poses for your online store is often overlooked. HOSTAFRICA's support team comprises of compassionate experts who are here to help any time of the day, night and week. You will never wait for days to have your tickets answered. We are committed to answering within an hour.

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specially optimized servers

For your PrestaShop store to efficiently entertain a large number of visitors, it needs to run in an optimized environment. This is why you need a host that has servers which are specially fine-tuned to run PrestaShop. Our PrestaShop cloud hosting has all the recommended configurations and optimizations done beforehand. All you need to do is install PrestaShop and start selling.

be clear icon


The best metric to gauge the reliability of a host is the uptime they claim to guarantee. Anything under 99% is not worth it, even if the rate is very good. Ideally, a host should promise you ~99.9% uptime, just like HOSTAFRICA does.

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security and speed

The best PrestaShop hosting providers include security offerings like vulnerability patching, SSL certificates and incremental backups. They also don't trade-off speed for security. Our servers are secure, lightning fast, run on enterprise SSD's, powered by LiteSpeed and provide turbo solutions.

PrestaShop Panel Screenshots

PrestaShop Litespeed hosting

The fastest web servers around

Our Turbo Server solution offers an additional speed boost with LiteSpeed Cache for PrestaShop. This powerful plugin communicates with your Turbo server and LSCache to statically cache your dynamic PrestaShop pages and greatly reduce your site’s page load time.

imunify logo

Automatic vulnerability patching

Imunify360 & ImunifyAV detects vulnerabilities and malware and is able to safely patch them automatically. Our unique approach allows you to rest assured that websites will continue to function properly. It literally takes 60 seconds to start scanning for vulnerabilities and malware.

why is prestashop a great choice for building an online store?

PrestaShop is trusted by over 300,000 merchants worldwide, with the number growing rapidly. Here are a few reasons why:

Easy to use

PrestaShop is really easy to use. The only time-consuming step is choosing a PrestaShop recommended hosting packaged. The installation assistant is very easy to navigate. Once you are logged in, all the features will be a few clicks away from the central dashboard.

Screens for managing products, orders, and customers, are very intuitive. To change the theme or logo, simply select Design -> Theme & Logo. You can choose from existing themes, or import a new one.

PrestaShop partners

Designing, developing, and publishing an online store is a multi-step process. Depending on your level of expertise, you may need professional help along the way. This is where PrestaShop partners can help.

PrestaShop partners are approved companies and freelancers who can provide all the help you need to run an online store. From promotions and link building to shipping and logistics; you can find a partner for virtually all your needs.

PrestaShop marketplace

The PrestaShop marketplace is home to thousands of free and paid modules and templates. You can browse by category (social media integrations, payments, promotions etc.), popularity, or rating. If ever you need to add functionalities to your store, this is the first place you should look.

It’s worth mentioning here that server space may limit your ability to freely install modules. This is why it’s very important to carefully heed the PrestaShop hosting requirements when choosing a plan.


You wouldn’t expect a free platform to be as feature-rich as PrestaShop. Here are a few of its most exciting features:

  • Add suppliers to the system, and link them with products.
  • Allow customers to upload images, and sell customizable products.
  • Set minimum and maximum purchase quantities.
  • Choose from different display modes for your products.
  • Option to exclude digital items from the returnable products.
  • Geographically configurable taxes.
  • Built-in sliders to promote specific products.


sell online. own your store.

install PrestaShop, load your product, personalise and sell.

PrestaShop hosting.

We are known for our fast and reliable support. Besides providing superior speed and other solutions for PrestaShop, we have a list of features available for PrestaShop clients.

Serve faster by design

A combination of SSD drives, PHP 7+, Linux, CDN and Litespeed Caching solutions speed up your site’s performance by a factor of 2+. Additionally, HOSTAFRICA provides custom security solutions for all users, by way of DDoS protection, firewalls, SSL certificates, online backups, account level protection, CMS patching and more.

PrestaShop Patching

powerful prestashop features

PrestaShop, makes running your web-front store easier.

PrestaShop Products

Create Products

Quickly create products to sell online. Configure features and values. Create packs of products. Sell customizable goods by letting your customers upload files.

PrestaShop Navigation

Content & Navigation

Configure the display of the products. Organize your products in your store. Configure filters, sort order and pagination of products. Configure your internal search engine.

PrestaShop Stock

Run stock

Track the inventory of each product. Create suppliers and associate them to products. Create manufacturers. Get an overview of manufacturers and suppliers with sorting order and filters.

PrestaShop store web hosting

Configure Your Store

Offers payment methods, Configure the shipping methods. Run geographical delivery zones and apply shipping carriers. Determine the pricing of the offered shipping methods. Set the shop as a catalog.

how to migrate your prestashop store safely and easily

Do you have a store running on a different PrestaShop hosting platform and want to migrate to our platform? No worries, our migration experts have got you covered. We have developed a fool-proof migration routine that enables you to seamlessly switch PrestaShop cloud hosting, without any downtime.

From your store’s core files, to all your emails and databases, everything will get transferred to the best PrestaShop hosting provider, typically within a day. We also support transferring your domain name. That can take between 1 to 5 days, depending on your current domain name admin.

Once the migration’s complete, you may note that your store loads faster, and that you no longer need to worry about administrative tasks like vulnerability patching and backups. That’s because our hosting for PrestaShop is designed to radically improve your experience, and that of your customers.

To request migration assistance for your PrestaShop web hosting, just include a note when you place your order. Or send an email to, with your preferred hosting type, and any to-be-transferred domains.

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prestashop hosting questions?

We have answers

PrestaShop allows you to set up and manage an online store. Well supported system with a thriving support community. You'll be up an running with the basics in very little time. More experienced users will be able to take full advantage of the CMS flexibility. HOSTAFRICA will ensure the server, network and server security are kept to our high standards.

Our security team at HOSTAFRICA ensures that your PrestaShop websites are as secure as possible. Firewalling, fail2ban, Patchman and server hardening are all used to secure our servers and your website.

PrestaShop Hosting has all the bits and pieces you need to have an optimal online store. Whereas a server, if self managed, and would require additional licence costs, monitoring, administration and timely setup. Our PrestaShop packages take the burden out of the platform setup.

Our hosting is packed with features in addition to the preinstalled and set up online store hosting platform. Emails, databases, FTP accounts, backups statistics, DNS administration and more all included.

PrestaShop is an open-source, easy-to-use platform for building ecommerce stores. With over 300,000 users worldwide, PrestaShop is slowly gaining traction as a platform-of-choice for launching online businesses.

Even though the platform itself is free, you can’t launch an online PrestaShop store for free. This is because you need a hosting to upload your website, and a domain name to give your website identity.

The installation process involves uploading the core files to a server, extracting them, and then going through a simple installation wizard. Once the installation completes, you will be redirected to the administrator login page.

The central dashboard provides access to all PrestaShop’s features. From adding products to managing orders and customers; everything is just a few clicks away.

You can also change the theme or logo for your website. Just go to Design -> Theme & Logo and choose a theme of your liking or upload a new one!

PrestaShop is used by many small to large businesses worldwide. It’s a self-hosted solution, which means that you don’t get the convenience and seamlessness of enterprise, managed platforms.

However, it’s very easy to use, and you can get started within minutes. However, it’s of paramount importance that you choose the right host for your PrestaShop store.

It’s a hosting provider that really determines just how good or bad your store performs on the internet. There are many free and paid ecommerce platforms that are all feature-rich, stable, and reliable.

However, when run on the wrong host, all these platforms will falter. The same is true for PrestaShop. Conversely, a good host will let you harness the maximum potential of the ecommerce platform.

Top hosts like HOSTAFRICA go the extra mile, by offering servers especially fine-tuned to run PrestaShop. HOSTAFRICA’s plans come with free SSL certificates, free domain names, unlimited traffic, and generous SSD storage.

PrestaShop is an ecommerce platform, written primarily in PHP. It has dependencies on both the MySQL database, and the PHP framework, Symphony.

PrestaShop started as a student project in a French school, and was originally termed phpOpenStore. Initially, the project was only available in the French and English languages. Today, it supports 60 different languages.

The first official PrestaShop version was released by the company PrestaShop SA, in 2007. The founders of the company were Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Lévêque.

Over time, the company secured various rounds of funding, and today, powers 300,000 stores worldwide. The software has won numerous nominations and awards, including the Acteurs du Libre International Award in 2019.

The company’s primary source of revenue is the PrestaShop marketplace, where numerous themes and add-ons are offered to merchants. It also has various partnerships with industry leaders like Google and PayPal.

The latest version of PrestaShop, available on both GitHub and the official website, is

The PrestaShop platform itself is completely free to download and use. However, just the platform can’t help you publish your website on the internet. You can use it to design your website, and add products to it, but to make it go live, you need website hosting and a domain name. Both of which cost money.

However, many leading hosts now provide specialized PrestaShop packages for reasonable prices. E.g. HOSTAFRICA’s subscription plans for PrestaShop start as low as R19.80, or $1.3.

These plans not only include hosting, complete with generous SSD storage, CPU, and RAM resources, but also a free domain name, a free SSL certificate, and unlimited bandwidth.

Not only this, you also get to rid yourself of many administrative duties like managing backups, or performing vulnerability scanning. Your store runs on turbo-charged web servers, further optimized by LiteSpeed caching solutions.

If you already have a store hosted on a different platform, you can get it migrated to HOSTAFRICA’s cloud platform within a single day.

The PrestaShop marketplace has thousands of free and paid templates and modules. There are modules and templates developed by the PrestaShop team, along with those developed by third-party companies.

You can filter by rating, popularity, and price. You can also read customer reviews before making a purchase. Some of the available add-on categories are as follows:

  • Design and navigation: Everything you need to customize the layout of your store.
  • Traffic and marketplaces: Add-ons like Google Merchant Center Pro, SEO Pro, Business Blog Pro, and SEO Meta Tags Manager are available.
  • Payments: Integrate with all the famous payment gateways, like PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon Pay etc.
  • Administration: Add-ons for analytics, customized checkouts, and bulk editing of products.

There are also over 2,700 templates available, across categories like animals and pets, drink and tobacco, fashion and shoes, kids and toys, health and beauty, and electronics and computers etc.

Getting started with PrestaShop is really easy. However, there is one step that warrants your undivided attention: selecting a host. Your choice of a host can make or break your online venture, so choose wisely.

Fine-tuned servers for PrestaShop: Top hosts like HOSTAFRICA offer pre-configured, optimized servers for running PrestaShop. This means that you spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time on building your business.

Uptime: What percentage uptime does the host guarantee? Don’t go for a provider which promises anything under 99%. At HOSTAFRICA, we promise 99.9% uptime, which is ideal for most businesses.

Customer support: Running into technical issues is inevitable. However, a good host will ensure that you are never alone in a time of need. HOSTAFRICA’s support team is available for any and all technical issues or queries.

Security: Never compromise on security. Go for a host like HOSTAFRICA, that offers free SSL certificates, automated vulnerability patching, and incremental backups.

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