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Get up to 20% discount off the price list – No contract

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About Reselling

Become a VPS Reseller – as the price leader HOSTAFRICA offers resellers a comprehensive & competitive VPS solutions. No capital outlay necessary. You can start to offer your own VPS as of today!

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  Some Facts

  • OpenVZ and KVM Virtualisation
  • South African servers
  • Many Linux versions
  • Windows Server 2012/2016
  • WHMCS integration

Why to join HOSTAFRICA’s Reseller Program?

We offer the best prices to resellers –
get up to 20% rebate off the list price

Maintain your own resellers –
our Cloudpanel enables you to add your own resellers.

Offer your customers
a comprehensive Cloudpanel

Get HOSTAFRICA’s 24/7 Premium support

Offer your customers local South African servers

No Contract  – we charge you on a Pay-As-You-Use basis

Chat with us –
personal support via Skype

We manage your VPS’s –
in case you need our help

  • Reseller Packages analog to HOSTAFRICAs Enduser VPS*
  • Reseller prices on average -20% compared to enduser prices
  • Pay as you use
  • Billing run end of month
  • R 299 setup fee
  • No monthly basis fee
  • Instant setup
  • Reseller WHMCS integration
  • Reseller control panel (Virtualizor)

* Bandwidth limited:
VPS S – 500GB, VPS M – 1000GB, VPS L – 1500GB, VPS – XL 2000GB, VPS XXL (and bigger) – 2000GB

Become a VPS reseller now!

NEED HELP? Any Questions?

Take a look at your new Control Panel

VPS Management

Simple start, stop or reboot
the Virtual Server


Check resources and statistics
easily at your VPS control panel


Do your own full and incremental backups and restore if needed

Become a VPS reseller now!

NEED HELP? Any Questions?

Information about VPS Reseller Program

Become an VPS reseller by enrolling for our reseller program. Sell your own SSL protected, virtual private servers on a pay as you go basis with Host Africa.

We at HOSTAFRICA believe in paying-it-forward and you can quickly and easily enjoy your own piece of our pie by becoming a SSL reseller or VPS reseller.

We’re a price leader in the VPS and SSL marketplace and we have designed a programme that offers resellers comprehensive and competitive solutions. You can enroll in our SSL or VPS reseller program and offer your virtual private servers to your customers on a pay-as-you-go basis. We require no capital outlay so you have little to no overheads and you can begin to offer your own VPS solutions right now.

By becoming a SSL reseller or VPS reseller with HOSTAFRICA you will immediately have access to: OpenVz and KMV Virtualisation, many Linux versions and Windows Server 2012, WHMCS integration and our free weekly backup.

“HOSTAFRICA CloudPanel” has been developed so that our customers and yours are able to manage their servers in an easy and comfortable way without needing administration skills and access. By becoming a VPS reseller with HOSTAFRICA you can enjoy 20% rebate off the list price and through CloudPanel you can add your own resellers. As a reseller you will receive premium support from HOSTAFRICA which is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What’s more, as we encourage you to offer them a pay-as-you-go system we do the same for you. No contracts are signed and you are not locked into unwavering agreements with us. However, we are available to chat when you need it and we will manage your VPS for you when help is necessary.