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Looking to sell your web hosting business? HOSTAFRICA will gladly buy it. We work with hosting companies, agencies and internet service providers. Whether they are big or small, we work together to find a comfortable, suitable exit strategy that works for both parties. Our customer centered approach ensures a smooth transition and the best outcome for all involved.

We understand that web hosting is a very competitive and time-consuming business. It's not easy for a smaller company to manage, and it's certainly difficult to grow beyond a certain key point. If you feel that you would like to explore your options:

Email michael[at]hostafrica.co.za or give us a call on +27 21 554 3096, we’re happy to open up discussions with you.

Sell your hosting business or reseller plan

looking to sell your web hosting business?

HOSTAFRICA will buy your existing web hosting business

Have a reseller hosting plan and feel that now is the right time to pursue other avenues in your working life? Have a web design agency and would like to focus on your core business?

A Great Home

Your client will find a good home for their online content with HOSTAFRICA. We work very closely with our acquisitions to ensure that the handover goes smoothly. We will guide you in all aspects of the transaction.

Decades of Experience

We have decades of combined hosting experience, with customer support being one of our strongest assets.

Client Confidence

Your client confidence and happiness will ensure the best results for both yourself and us.

The first step in your new journey:

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