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Make your site secure and trustworthy. An SSL certificate ensures that no eavesdropping happens on traffic between your website and your site viewers, as the data is encrypted using end-to-end encryption. It is a must for good search engine rankings and one of the first steps in gaining trust from your online viewers.

  • check mark Protect private customer information
  • check mark Gain your customers’ trust
  • check mark Boost your SEO ranking
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SSL Certificates

the first step is to know why you need ssl

SSL certificates are a sure-shot way of gaining your customers’ trust. Today’s customers will only give you their data if you promise to protect it. SSL encryption helps you make that promise.

Visitors and potential leads, who find you via Google, will trust you by default. This will have positive impacts on your lead generation and conversion rates. Once you get an SSL certificate for your website, your chances of ranking higher on Google, will also significantly increase.

SSL certificates give you and your customers the peace of mind that’s very hard to find these days.

Every other day, you hear a new cyberattack or breach compromising millions of customers. Without an SSL certificate, you are at a much higher risk of attack.

Your website traffic can get intercepted or tampered with, at any time. And it won’t even take much effort. However, if you use SSL certificates for websites, malicious actors won’t be able to make sense of your data, even if they somehow manage to catch it.

In most places, SSL certificates are legally required for websites that deal with sensitive data. They are still not mandatory for all websites, but that may change very soon. Soon it’s expected that browsers will only trust websites with SSL certificates.


What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It creates an encrypted and secure connection between your server and web visitors. With an SSL Certificate all private data such as passwords & payment details are protected.

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Why should I use SSL?

  • Get a higher Google ranking
  • Gain your customers’ trust
  • Protect private customer information
  • Increase your Conversion Rate
  • In future browsers will only trust SSL sites
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you need to decide which ssl certificate provider you want

You will find thousands of websites selling SSL certificates, with a single Google search. How do you choose the right one? Do you go for the cheapest option? How do you differentiate a reputable provider from a fake one?
Here’s all you need to know:

How long has the company been in operation? Try to find a reputable company that’s been providing SSL certificates for at least 5 years.

Dedicated customer support:
If ever you need technical assistance, you should get it instantly.

Automated lifecycle management:
All certificates have an expiry date. Go with a provider that can automatically renew a certificate when it expires. Expired certificates can seriously affect your reputation and security.

Level of validation:
In terms of validation, there are three main categories of certificates: domain validation (DV), organization validation (OV), and extended validation (EV).

DV SSL certificates depict that a domain is registered, and the site is managed by an administrator. DV SSL certificate prices are usually low, they are easy to obtain, but are not as secure and trusted as the others.

OV SSL certificates do what DV certificates do, while also proving that you own an organization in some country, state, or city. Usually, an OV SSL certificate costs a bit more.

EV SSL certificates require the highest levels of validation. Companies need to prove that they are legally registered in a particular country, state, or city. The validation can take days, sometimes weeks, depending on what the authority requires.

choose your ssl certificate

1 Domain, 2048-bit RSA Key, Domain Validation, 128/256-bit Encryption Included.

SSL Option: 


PositiveSSL 1 Year

PositiveSSL 2 Years

SSL promotion
Issued in minutes
$50,000 Warranty

PositiveSSL Wildcard 1 Year

PositiveSSL Wildcard 2 Years

SSL promo
Issued in minutes
$50,000 Warranty

Sectigo SSL Certificate 1 Year

Sectigo SSL Certificate 2 Years

SSL promotion
Identity verification
Issued in 1-5 days
$500,000 Warranty

Sectigo SSL EV Certificate 1 Year

Sectigo SSL EV Certificate 2 Years

Green bar EV SSL
Identity verification
Issued in 1-5 days
$1,750,000 Warranty

Sectigo SSL Wildcard Certificate 1 Year

Sectigo SSL Wildcard Certificate 2 Years

SSL Promotion
Identity verification
Issued in 1-3 Days
$1,000,000 Warranty

If you need a certificate that is not offered please open a ticket so we can see if we are able to offer it to you.

Boost your Google ranking by adding an SSL Certificate to your site!

Google and its users both take security seriously. Since 2014, the HTTPS protocol has been an official ranking indicator. Under the hood, HTTPS is just HTTP with encryption. It uses SSL to encrypt and protect HTTP requests and responses.

Websites that support HTTPS are more likely to rank higher on Google. There is not a more formidable competitive advantage than this. This is why more and more businesses are getting SSL certificates for websites.

This enhanced visibility in Google search results will bring in tons of new visitors. People will notice that a) you are ranked high on Google, and b) they can form secure connections with your website, and that will be enough for them to trust you.

Once you get an SSL certificate for your website, you should start seeing SEO improvements fairly soon. And yes, the SSL certificate install process isn’t hard or long either! You can get started faster than you may think!

Order an SSL Certificate and boost your Google ranking!
Order SSL Certificates

why choose ssl

HOSTAFRICA’s SSL; Trusted encryption from the world's leading issuers.

Server updates

Get a Site Seal

Every SSL Certificate provides your site its own seal—a graphic indication to viewers that your site is secure and private.


Vast Compatibility

All of our SSL Certificates are supported by all popular browsers, e.g. Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

SSL installation

Simple Set-Up

You can activate your SSL with only a few clicks. Our friendly and helpful support staff are on hand to assist you in every aspect.

SSL strong encryption

Strongest Encryption

Our SSL certificates use 256-bit or 128-bit encryption for data protection.

Need SSL advice?

our ssl certificates

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificates guarantee the best protection for your website’s private and sensitive data, like payment or banking info, and login details etc. If you get an SSL certificate, your customers will always enjoy safe and encrypted connections with your website.

If you wish to rank top of the page for Google, you need to have higher site ranking and conversion rates. Purchasing SSL certificates for websites is crucial in this regard. Not only will they help you build reputation and trust, but they will also make your website far more secure, which also boosts ranking.

It’s a fact that Google has been considering HTTPS as a ranking factor since 2014. Many websites that used SSL certificates have significantly boosted their exposure. If you don’t follow suit, you run the risk of losing out to your competition.

HOSTAFRICA is a premium SSL Certificate provider. We offer multiple SSL options so that the SSL certificate price will never be a concern for you. You can select a PositiveSSL certificate, which usually gets issued within minutes!

You can also buy an SSL certificate offered by Sectigo, which requires more validation and hence gets issued within 1-5 days. You can also choose whether you want the certificate for 1 or 2 years.

ssl certificate faqs

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that can verify the identity of a website, and also encrypt all its connections and data. When people visit your website, the browser will tell them that they are communicating with the server via a secure connection.

All data, including passwords, account numbers, credit card information, that’s sent to-and-from the server, will always stay encrypted. This means that only the server and the browser can decipher it.

Even if an attacker somehow intercepts the traffic, as it flows between the browser and the server, it would be indecipherable for them. And they also won’t be able to decrypt it, because they don’t have the required keys.

Having an SSL certificate has since long been a need-of-the-hour. And not just for websites dealing with sensitive user data, but all websites. It’s expected that soon, browsers may not support non-SSL websites at all.

Your website can form secure connections with the end-user. This allows the user to trust you with their information, like passwords, account numbers, and payment info etc.

Your brand’s overall reputation rises. Having an SSL certificate shows to the world that you take security and data privacy seriously.

You rank higher on Google. HTTPS, which is HTTP + encryption, has been one of Google’s ranking factors, since 2014. It’s now a proven fact that if you get an SSL certificate, you can significantly boost your SEO rankings.

Increase conversion rates. Googlers are likely to visit websites that support secure connections. In this day and age, it might not be an overstatement to say that netizens may not even consider you if you don’t have an SSL certificate.

Future-proof your website. It’s expected that in the future, browsers may only support websites with SSL certificates.

An SSL certificate encrypts your traffic and allows for safe connections with user browsers. This allows people to trust you with their data, like login details, credit card information, and account numbers.

Your conversation rates increase manifold. People searching on Google are more likely to visit websites that have SSL enabled.

Your brand becomes more reputable. Simply having an SSL certificate shows to potential visitors that you take their security and confidentiality seriously.

Your ranking on Google goes up. HTTPS, which is HTTP + SSL, is a proven ranking factor, which means that if you get an SSL certificate, you can expect your SEO rankings to rise.

Prepare for the future. Experts believe that soon, browsers may drop support for non-SSL websites. It’s recommended to get an SSL certificate for your website before that happens. Without one, your website may suddenly one day become inaccessible.

Getting an SSL certificate is easy. However, do your research before choosing one. There are many certification authorities and resellers, claiming to offer the best possible SSL certificates. Properly weigh your options, considering your unique needs, and make an educated choice.

At HOSTAFRICA, we have made it super easy for anyone to get an SSL certificate. We offer different certificates, based on level of validation, budget, and tenure. You can choose the basic PositiveSSL certificate for 1 year, for a mere R249. It gets issued within minutes.

Or you can get the PositiveSSL Wildcard certificate, which offers more validation, but still gets issued within minutes. We also have three flavours of Sectigo SSL certificates, including the Sectigo SSL Wildcard Certificate, which offers the most protection. It takes 1-3 days for the identity verification to complete this.

Place and confirm your order, make the payment, and we will get your SSL certificate to you, as soon as possible.

One problem that you get with cheap SSL certificates is that they sometimes don’t work on all browsers. This is a major no-no because you don’t want visitors to go away just because you can’t establish a secure connection with their browser.

The solution to this is simple: Choose a provider that offers certificates supported by all major browsers. Like HOSTAFRICA. All of our available certificates are compatible with all major browsers.

It doesn’t matter whether your visitors are using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. They will always be able to enjoy the security and data privacy that our SSL certificates guarantee. We use either 256-bit or 128-bit encryption, to ensure high levels of protection.

Our certificates allow your visitors to see a security seal appear on their browser, whenever they visit your website. Getting started is as easy as making a few clicks! And if you face any difficulties, our friendly staff will be there to help you out.

All SSL certificates come with a start and end date. First things first, your certificate provider should have an auto-renewal system in place. Your SSL certificate should never expire, without getting renewed.

This is because as soon as the certificate expires, your connections and data will stop being encrypted (protected). Users will no longer be able to access your website securely.

So, it’s prudent to join hands with a certification authority that auto-renews your certificates. However, if you find yourself in a bind, with an expired certificate, you can just ask your provider for a renewal.

Select whether you want the same certificate or a different one. Choose the tenure and then place the order to renew. Meanwhile, get in touch with the customer support team, and inquire about the possibility of having automatic renewals. If they can’t comply, it may be high time to explore other providers that offer this feature.

The offered certificate should be supported by all famous browsers. If the provider can’t guarantee this, then it should be an instant red flag. You don’t want to lose visitors, simply because your website can’t be accessed securely from their favourite browser.

They should have been in business for at least 5 years. The most famous certification authorities have existed for many decades now. You may be getting a good deal from a new entrant, but don’t trade-off experience and reliability for some savings.

Dedicated support. If you ever need technical assistance, the support staff should provide it instantly.

Multiple certificate options. A provider should be offering multiple certificate options or giving you the ability to place a customized order. It’s usually smart to avoid providers offering a one-fits-all solution.

Support for automatic renewals. Every certificate comes with an expiry date. However, before one expires, it should automatically get renewed by the provider.

How long you wait depends on the type of certificate you get. Different certification types require different levels of validation. For example, for domain validation, which is the lowest level of validation, often a few minutes are required to obtain a certificate.

On the other hand, organization validation requires you to verify that you own an organization in some country, state, or city. These certificates have a greater wait time and cost a bit more.

Lastly, the extended validation certificates require companies to provide the most amount of data, and hence can take days, sometimes weeks, to get issued. The exact number of days/weeks depends on the level of validation that a certificate/authority requires.

At HOSTAFRICA, we issue PositiveSSL 1-year certificates within a few minutes. Sectigo SSL Wildcard certificates take between 1-3 days; as additional verifications are required. You can also choose whether you want a certificate for 1 year or 2.