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Built with WordPress in mind, WooCommerce is an open source and customisable plugin. Activated within WordPress, it allows you to set up and run an online store, requiring little time to start but also powerful enough to provide a full-featured e-commerce "sell online" website.

  • check mark Quick LiteSpeed cached webserver
  • check mark Free SSL Certificate
  • check mark Weekly vulnerability patchings
WooCommerce WordPress hosting

woocommerce hosting plans

Reliably serve your WooCommerce store.


For one Website


per month
1 Free ".co.za" domain
20 GB SSD storage
Host 1 domain

Unlimited web traffic
25 email accounts
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
5 MySQL databases
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
5 MySQL databases


For Small Businesses


per month
1 Free ".co.za" domain
40 GB SSD storage
Host 2 domains
(1 add-on domain)
Unlimited web traffic
25 email accounts
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
50 MySQL databases
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
50 MySQL databases


Power Package


per month
1 Free ".co.za" domain
100 GB SSD storage
Host 3 domains
(2 add-on domains)
Unlimited web traffic
Unlimited email accounts
5 FTP account
500 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases
5 FTP account
500 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases


For Companies


per month
1 Free ".co.za" domain
200 GB SSD storage
Host 5 domains
(4 add-on domains)
Unlimited web traffic
Unlimited email accounts
10 FTP accounts
1000 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases
10 FTP accounts
1000 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases

resource limits

Resource Limits Starter Basic Power Shop
Speed 200 300 400 600
PMEM 2048 3072 4096 6144
IO 128 MB/s 192 MB/s 256 MB/s 384 MB/s
IOPS 768 1024 2048 4096
EP 40 45 50 60
NPROC 200 250 300 400
WooCommerce Hosting Plans: Monthly Contract, Monthly Billing, Cancel Any time.
*co.za domain name is registered free when used as the primary domain for the hosting account. Renewed annually at the normal price.
*Unlimited Web Traffic (Bandwidth): HOSTAFRICA reserves the right to reduce the bandwidth in cases of extensive use. Contact us if you have a question.

included in all packages

  • 1-click hardening of WooCommerce for all instances
  • Install new WooCommerce instances
  • Mass management of WooCommerce instances
  • Add existing WooCommerce instances (Manual)
  • Manage plugins & themes
  • Migrate remote WooCommerce instances
  • Auto-Updates for WooCommerce, plugins and themes
  • Cloning a WooCommerce instance
  • Maintenance mode management
  • Staging environment
  • Debug management
  • Sync data between WooCommerce instances
  • Password Protection
  • Full Security Check
  • Search engine indexing management
  • Command Line Interface

includes outgoing mail spam filtering

email icon

Improved Deliverability

Prevents your emails from landing in the spam box or not being delivered at all.

list with check marks icon

Avoid Blacklisting

Outgoing spam filtering ensures the IP addresses remain clean in order to avoid blacklisting.

lock icon

Protect Recipients

Protect your recipients against unwittingly sending malware or spyware via email.

search results icon

Improved Reputation

Improves your IP reputation and also your website reputation, which helps with SEO.

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Happy hosting

Our WooCommerce hosting solution is best for online shops looking for a fast and secure platform to move from mess to success.

Great news! Your search for the best WooCommerce hosting is over. HOSTAFRICA’s hosting for WooCommerce is the best solution for your online shop.

Our packages and web servers are designed to make sure your store is always online and served lightning fast. Plus, our cloud technology makes WooCommerce hosting incredibly affordable, secure, flexible, and reliable.

We only use enterprise SSD drives and LiteSpeed caching on our servers, making them up to 12 times faster than our competition! This means significantly reduced page load time and easy handling of heavy traffic loads. You also get access to the LiteSpeed caching plugin, allowing you to optimise your online store even more.

That’s not all. With our WooCommerce hosting, you can harden all your WooCommerce instances with a single click, and we provide protection against DDoS attacks.

Lastly, we earned our reputation as one of the most trusted hosting providers in South Africa for consistently providing unparalleled client support, the best in business. Whether you need technical assistance, or just need some information, you can reach us via email and have an answer and resolution within the hour.

If you prefer to talk it out, simply grab the phone and a qualified, friendly human will provide expert, prompt assistance, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your brand.

woocommerce administration panel

WooCommerce litespeed cPanel hosting

The fastest web servers around

Our Turbo Server solution offers an additional speed boost with LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress. This powerful plugin communicates with your Turbo server and LSCache to statically cache your dynamic WordPress pages and greatly reduce your site’s page load time.

imunify logo

Automatic vulnerability patching

Imunify360 & ImunifyAV detects vulnerabilities and malware and is able to safely patch them automatically. Our unique approach allows you to rest assured that websites will continue to function properly. It literally takes 60 seconds to start scanning for vulnerabilities and malware.

Our hosting solution was built for e-commerce stores using the WooCommerce platform.

Our tailored WooCommerce recommended hosting plans simplify your life as an online business owner. We offer the best web hosting for WooCommerce stores by providing generous SSD storage with all our plans at affordable prices.

Unlike other WooCommerce hosting providers, we offer daily incremental backups and cPanel, across all our packages. The former saves you from disastrous data loss, and the latter gives you maximum control over your site’s configuration and management.

Moreover, we only implement the best optimisation plugins, turbocharged web servers, and fine-tuned operating systems, to help you deliver the fastest possible experience.

You can rest easy with our automated incremental backups, weekly vulnerability patching, and free SSL certificates.

Whether you want to turn on automatic updates for your plugins and themes, sync data between different WooCommerce instances, or spin up a new staging environment, the best WooCommerce hosting has got you covered.

You simply need to install the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress. Then, you get to pick from hundreds of themes and designs, and tweak things as you please. It takes a few clicks to add, remove, or edit products and track inventory.

Get your WooCommerce shop online

ecommerce made easier

wordpress online store preinstalled

South African WordPress store hosting through HOSTAFRICA.

We are known for our fast and reliable support. Besides providing superior speed and other hosting solutions for WordPress, we also have a list of features available for WooCommerce clients.

Serve faster by design

A combination of SSD drives, PHP 7+, Linux, CDN and Litespeed Caching solutions speed up your site’s performance by a factor of 2+. Additionally, HOSTAFRICA provides custom security solutions for all users, by way of DDoS protection, firewalls, SSL certificates, account level protection, CMS patching and more.

Woocommerce previews

We can host your existing site or migrate it to our cloud platform.

We understand that you may already have a store running on a different WooCommerce web hosting provider. This is why we have streamlined our migration process, enabling you to completely move to our cloud platform within a few days.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to migrate a single WooCommerce instance or multiple instances. Our experienced technical team can transfer everything to HOSTAFRICA’s WooCommerce hosting platform, without you moving a muscle.

From your files and emails to your products, databases and multimedia, nothing will be left behind. We will also help you transfer your domain name. It will be like you never switched hosts.

But, there will be a few positive differences that you may notice once you move to the best web hosting for WooCommerce...

You may observe that your store loads much faster, that your issues get resolved much quicker, and that you don’t have to focus too much on administration anymore. This leaves you with more time to focus on your online store, selling your products and making more profit.

To request a migration, include a note while placing the order, or send an email to support@hostafrica.co.za.

powerful woocommerce features

WordPress is the leader in affordable website content management

Woocommerce Icon

Why WooCommerce

Powered by trust.
A modular system.
Sell anything.
Worldwide Community.

Woocommerce Developer Hosting

Made for developers

Built on WordPress.
More than 400 official extensions.
Tools you already know.

Woocommerce Store

Create a beautiful store

Countless themes.
Embed products and more on any page.
Product ratings and reviews.
Product sorting and filtering.

Woocommerce Settings and Management

Easy store management

Customer accounts and guest checkout.
Inventory management.
Order management.
Add shop managers.

Woocommerce Optimisation


Search Engine Optimization.
Related products.

Woocommerce selling online store.

Sell any product, any time

Physical, digital, or both.
Affiliate products.
Import and export items.
Shipping options.

we can help you choose the right plan for your e-commerce business

At HOSTAFRICA, we have customised our WooCommerce hosting plans, such that they are accessible to everyone, regardless of budget or resource needs. While choosing your hosting for WooCommerce, consider:

registered trademark icon

how many domains

If you want to host a single domain, go with the WooCommerce starter package. For 2 domains, choose the Basic package. The Power and shop packages support 3 and 5 domains respectively.

make it memorable icon

how many databases

If you have limited data, choose either the Starter (5 databases), or Basic (50 databases) package. If you’d be more comfortable with having unlimited databases, go with either the Power or the Shop packages.

be clear icon

how much storage

To make ours truly the best WooCommerce hosting solution, we offer generous SSD storage for each plan. The Starter package has 20 gigs of SSD storage, which should be enough for a small store. For larger stores, we recommend considering the Power and Shop packages, which offer 100 and 200 gigs respectively.

appropriate extension icon

how much cpu and ram

If you are on a budget, or don't expect too much traffic, consider the Basic or Starter WooCommerce hosting packages, which offer 2 and 1 gigs of RAM respectively. For optimum performance, select either the Power, or the Shop packages. The former provides 2 gigs of RAM with 2 CPU units, and the latter offers 4 gigs of RAM with 3 CPU units, respectively.

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woocommerce hosting questions?

We have answers

WooCommerce allows you to easily manage your online Store. You can add themes, install useful plugins and make changes quickly. We ensure that our servers are optimised for WooCommerce websites. Hosting that is as stable as possible, delivering the best performance.

Our security team at HOSTAFRICA ensures that your WordPress websites are as secure as possible. Firewalling, fail2ban, Patchman and server hardening are all used to secure our servers and your website.

WooCommerce Hosting has all the bits and pieces you need to have an optimal online store. Whereas a server, if self managed, would require additional license costs, monitoring, administration and timely setup. Our WooCommerce packages take the burden out of the platform setup.

Our hosting is packed with features in addition to the preinstalled and setup online store. Such as email, databases, FTP accounts, backups statistics, DNS administration and more.

Yes, WooCommerce is a self-hosted e-commerce application. It’s a free WordPress plugin that can be run on any self-hosted WordPress website, based anywhere in the world.

All you need to do is find a hosting provider with servers based where your target audience is and buy your hosting plan to host your own website. Once you’ve set up your WordPress website, WooCommerce is easy to get up and running.

First, you need to create a free account on WooCommerce.com. Then, go to your WordPress admin panel and install the WooCommerce plugin. After you activate it, a setup wizard will begin.

The first step would be to select a theme. A theme determines the overall outlook of your store, so we recommend spending some time to choose the right one.

You will also get the option to add extensions to your store. From subscriptions and booking to payment gateways and memberships; you will find an extension for virtually all your ecommerce needs.

Many top hosts, like HOSTAFRICA, rid you of a lot of the administrative and management burden of running a self-hosted store. They also help in migrating your store from a different host.

Since WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, no, it can’t be used without the WordPress core. The plugin can only be installed on WordPress and won’t be able to execute on any other platform.

However, that shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. WordPress is the CMS of choice. Developing a website with WordPress, or building a store on top of it, is much easier than building a website from scratch.

And it’s not like it takes a lot of time to install WordPress. With top hosts like HOSTAFRICA, you can install WordPress with a single click. Yes, you read that right. A single click.

Moreover, with WordPress, you get access to so many more useful plugins. If at any time you want to add extra functionality to your website, you can just search for and install a plugin.

WordPress is also open source, with a lot of customisation support, so if ever you feel like changing/adding/removing anything, you can do it!

Technically, yes. Should you? No. Here’s why:

You will find hundreds of “free” hosting with one Google search. You can choose any, install WordPress on it, and then install the WooCommerce plugin. But free hosting providers are notorious for many reasons:

  • They are not secure. You run the risk of getting hacked. Because it’s free, you won’t even get the fundamental security benefits like an SSL certificate.
  • Your store will load very slow. Free hosting providers use sub-standard servers, and then host tens, if not hundreds of websites, on the same server. Your visitors will have a very hard time browsing your store.
  • You won’t be able to build a reputation, at-least not a good one. People will notice that your store is slow and insecure.
  • Free hosting doesn't allow you to have a custom domain. Instead, your store name will be tacked to either the front or end of the free hosting platform domain name. E.g., yourstore.freehosting.com
  • People will not trust you with their funds. Ask yourself this: Will you ever enter credit card information on a store that doesn't have an SSL certificate installed or has a domain name like yourstore.freehosting.com?

If you already have WordPress installed, it takes a few minutes to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin on it. Go to the Plugins section, search for WooCommerce, and then click Install and Activate.

Once the plugin is active, a setup wizard will begin. You will be asked to choose a template first. There will be thousands of options, and you can choose the one that fits your needs best.

First, you need to create a free account on WooCommerce.com. Then, go to your WordPress admin panel and install the WooCommerce plugin. After you activate it, a setup wizard will begin.

Remember, a theme defines the overall layout of your store. How it will appear to your visitors, and what their buying experience will feel. So, take all the time you need to make the right decision.

You can also choose to add extensions to your installation. This will allow you to add various functionalities to your store. From booking and shipping to subscriptions and payment gateways, there will be an extension for virtually anything you need.

Yes, HOSTAFRICA provides daily incremental backups, included across all our WooCommerce packages. However, we recommend that you also manage your own backups.

We offer Acronis cloud backups, which give you maximum control of when, where, and what you want to back up. Whether it’s your website, personal computer, or a hard drive, whether you are running Linux or Windows; you can back up everything and anything, anywhere.

We also offer specialised backup solutions for business-critical applications, like MS SharePoint, MS-SQL, MySQL and more. What’s more is that your backup gets fully encrypted before transfer. Nobody but you, will have the password to decrypt.

There are different backup packages that we offer, one of which is free for the first 6 months. In this day and age, it’s a need-of-the-hour to have a personal backup solution. Ransomware and other cyberattacks are on the rise, and this is the very least you can do to stay safe.

Online Backups


We create backups every day, so you can conveniently restore your website any time.

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Over 15 Years of Experience

HOSTAFRICA is run by German hosting and server pioneers.

Simple backups online


Our user-friendly cPanel Control Panel can easily configure and manage your website.

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Your website is hosted in South Africa to ensure you the highest speeds.