wordpress hosting

Enjoy low latency and fast loading websites with our LiteSpeed enabled WordPress servers. Includes automatic vulnerability scanning and repair, incremental daily backups and the WordPress Toolkit for easy management of your website!

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  • check mark Free SSL certificate
  • check mark Managed and automated tasks
  • check mark Automatic vulnerability patchings
  • check mark Incremental daily backups
Hosting for WordPress sites

Up to 12x Faster
Built-in WordPress Caching
Easily handles large traffic loads
Quicker page loads and Improved SEO: Designed for speed.


wordpress hosting

Tailored to your wp hosting needs

WordPress Starter

For One Website


per month
1 Free ".co.za" domain
20 GB SSD storage
Host 1 domain

Unlimited web traffic
25 email accounts
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
5 MySQL databases
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
5 MySQL databases

WordPress Basic

For Small Businesses


per month
1 Free ".co.za" domain
40 GB SSD storage
Host 2 domains
(1 add-on domain)
Unlimited web traffic
25 email accounts
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
50 MySQL databases
1 FTP account
100 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
50 MySQL databases

WordPress Power

Power Package


per month
1 Free ".co.za" domain
100 GB SSD storage
Host 3 domains
(2 add-on domains)
Unlimited web traffic
Unlimited email accounts
5 FTP account
500 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases
5 FTP account
500 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases

WordPress Shop

For Companies


per month
1 Free ".co.za" domain
200 GB SSD storage
Host 5 domains
(4 add-on domains)
Unlimited web traffic
Unlimited email accounts
10 FTP accounts
1000 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases
10 FTP accounts
1000 subdomains
Daily incremental backups
PHP 4.4 5.1-5.6 7.0-7.4
cPanel control panel
Free set up
Unlimited MySQL databases

resource limits

Resource Limits Starter Basic Power Shop
Speed 200 300 400 600
PMEM 2048 3072 4096 6144
IO 128 MB/s 192 MB/s 256 MB/s 384 MB/s
IOPS 768 1024 2048 4096
EP 40 45 50 60
NPROC 200 250 300 400
WordPress Hosting Plans: Monthly Contract, Monthly Billing, Cancel Anytime.
*co.za domain name is registered free when used as the primary domain for the hosting account. Renewed annually at the normal price.
*Unlimited Web Traffic (Bandwidth): HOSTAFRICA reserves the right to reduce the bandwidth in cases of extensive use. Contact us if you have any questions.

wordpress toolkit features and capabilities

  • WP Deluxe Toolkit includes:
  • 1-Click Login
  • Automatic Hardening
  • Change Admin Password
  • Change DB Password
  • Customizable Installation
  • Debug Management
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Manual Updates
  • Open DB in phpMyAdmin
  • Password Protection
  • Restore Backups
  • Search Engine Indexing Management
  • Single Site Auto Updates
  • Manage Existing Installations
  • Website Dashboard
  • Cloning
  • Mass Hardening
  • Mass Updates
  • Plugin and Theme Sets Management
  • Security Rollback
  • Smart Updates
  • Staging
  • 1-Click Hardening

includes outgoing mail spam filtering

email icon

Improved Deliverability

Prevents your emails from landing in the spam box or not being delivered at all.

list with check marks icon

Avoid Blacklisting

Outgoing spam filtering ensures the IP addresses remain clean in order to avoid blacklisting.

lock icon

Protect Recipients

Protect your recipients against unwittingly sending malware or spyware via email.

search results icon

Improved Reputation

Improves your IP reputation and also your website reputation, which helps with SEO.

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Happy hosting

how to select a wordpress hosting company

WordPress is the platform-of-choice for website development, but to get the most out of it, you need to choose the right hosting company. When doing so, keep the following things in mind:

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outstanding client support

At HOSTAFRICA, support is our top priority. On average, our clients can get their tickets resolved within the hour. Whenever you have a question or issue, you can live chat, call, or email us, and receive prompt assistance from expert support engineers, not a bot.

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speed and reliability

As a provider of one of the best WordPress hosting services, our servers are up to 12x faster than the competition. We use LiteSpeed enterprise web servers, which enables your WordPress site to easily handle heavy traffic and optimise page load times.

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servers optimised for wordpress

A proper home for your WordPress website is a server specially fine-tuned to run it. HOSTAFRICA’s WordPress hosting has all the recommended settings pre-configured, WP Toolkit for powerful management and many handy plugins like LSCache, pre-installed.

Our WordPress hosting comes with WordPress-CLI and cPanel, an industry-leading control panel, to give you much more control over your WP site administration.

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a strong focus on security

Our WordPress web hosting features automatic vulnerability patching and automated incremental backups. This provides you with the peace of mind, knowing your site will automatically be patched against vulnerabilities.

Plus, with the automated incremental backups, you don't have to worry about losing anything.

how to choose your hosting plan

Need help choosing the right hosting plan? We’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to consider:

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how many websites do you have?

Are you just planning to host one website? Then, the WordPress Starter package can be a good fit. It won’t cost a lot, and has all the necessary features.

For hosting 2 domains, you can consider the Basic Package. The Power and Shop packages support 3 and 5 domains respectively.

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what is your budget?

We have optimised the WordPress hosting cost such that anyone can subscribe to them. If you want the fastest WordPress hosting, you can go with either the Power or Shop packages, as they have more CPUs and RAM.

For tighter budgets, we recommend the Shop or Basic packages, which are still more than fast enough to do the job.

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what kind of resources do you need?

When choosing the best web hosting for WordPress, you should know how much RAM, CPU, and storage you need. SSD storage accounts for the majority of WordPress hosting costs. The amount of storage you need depends on the kind of content and the number of pages you intend to have on your site.

We offer very generous amounts of storage with each hosting plan. We also provide unlimited traffic on all packages and complete transparency on resource limits!

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how many databases will you need?

Only the best hosting for WordPress will give you flexibility in choosing the number of databases. Have a lot of data to store? Go for the Power or Shop packages.

If you don’t need an unlimited supply of MySQL packages, consider the Starter and Basic plans.

powerful hosting features

WordPress hosting - affordable website content management

Litespeed server for WordPress websites

The fastest web servers around

Our WordPress server solution offers an additional speed boost with the LSCache plugin. This powerful plugin communicates with your server to statically cache your dynamic WordPress pages and greatly reduce your site’s page load time.

imunify logo

Automatic vulnerability patching

Imunify360 & ImunifyAV detects vulnerabilities and malware and is able to safely patch them automatically. Our unique approach allows you to rest assured that websites will continue to function properly. It literally takes 60 seconds to start scanning for vulnerabilities and malware.

WordPress command line tool

WordPress command line interface

WP-CLI allows easier administration of your wordpress installation through your hosting accounts shell. Delayed cron jobs to speed up your site's loading time. Plugin administration and troubleshooting without using a web browser.

Incremental backups included

Incremental daily website backups

Automatic backups through Acronis ensures your data is recoverable from within your control panel. Restore individual files, mail boxes databases, or the entire account.

cPanel control panel hosting

Full featured control panel

We use the industry leading control panel: cPanel. With many features included, it makes managing your website, emails, files, database, filter and more a breeze.

WP toolkit

Managed and automated tasks

With fully managed backups, security patching and plugin updates, you can rest assured knowing your site's health is taken care of, giving you the chance to focus on more important things.

what you need to get started

Signing up for a self-hosted WordPress website is quite simple

If you face any difficulties during the signup, payment, or installation processes, feel free to drop us a line. Our support staff are available to help you, every step of the way.

choose plan icon

select your hosting plan

Select one of the hosting plans above and click the "order" button. You will be asked to choose a domain. You can register a new one, or transfer an existing one

customise order icon

customise your order

Then, you get to customise your order some more. Choose the resources you want to add, your preferred billing cycle, and any add-ons. Once you are done, Continue.

review order icon

review your order

At this stage, you get to review your WordPress hosting cost and other details. Checkout once ready.

complete registration icon

complete your order

Fill out the registration form, which includes your personal details, billing information, domain registrants, and security info. Complete order at the end.

wordpress icon

access your client area

You will now be taken to the client area, where you can start configuring your domain, once you have paid the invoice.

best practices for wordpress security and performance

It’s safe to say that security must be your #1 priority as a website owner. But you also can’t trade-off performance for security. Here are a few best practices to maintain a balance between the two:

Use SSL certificates

We have included a free SSL certificate with all WordPress hosting packages. SSL certificates encrypt your website’s traffic and user sessions, ensuring high levels of security and data privacy.

Use reliable optimisation plugins

To make our WordPress hosting the fastest, we enable the LSCache plugin by default. You can also install other reliable plugins like WP Rocket and Perfmatters to keep your website optimised.

Choose the right theme

Some themes can include too many design elements and assets, which can significantly slow down your website. Our WordPress website hosting plans give you the flexibility to choose from over 4200 optimised themes.

Keep your site updated

You’d be amazed to know just how many cyberattacks happen, simply because a vital update wasn’t applied. Even the best web hosting for WordPress is susceptible to compromise, if it's not regularly patched.

Limit plugins

There are many reliable plugins, that can simplify administration and improve visitor experience. But remember, installing too many plugins can bloat your website, and hamper performance. It’s recommended to only install plugins that you can’t do without.

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WordPress manager

WordPress Toolkit

WP toolkit automates all the aspects of running your website including backups, patching and plugin updates.

WordPress features

Can't find a feature?

Over 54,000 plugins to choose from. Thousands of FREE plugins. Add an online store, forums, and more.

WordPress Themes

Functionality is limitless

Over 4200 Themes to choose from. Monitor performance and security. Stage your site to test changes safely.

WordPress Updates

Update On the go

Manage site, posts & stats from your mobile. Install the app from Play Store or Apple Store. No licensing fees.

wordpress hosting questions?

We have answers:

WordPress allows you to easily manage your website. You can add themes, install useful plugins and make changes, all with the click of a button. We ensure that our servers are optimised to make sure your WordPress websites are as stable as possible and deliver the best performance.

Our security team at HOSTAFRICA ensures that your WordPress websites are as secure as possible. Firewalling, fail2ban and server hardening are all used to secure your website.

Yes, your WordPress product also functions as a hosting package and you are able to create email accounts.

A WordPress Server package will give you superior performance to a WordPress Hosting package.

WordPress hosting provides the space and resources for your website to exist online, while living on a server. Just like you need a physical store to showcase your products, you need hosting to publish your website on the internet.

Since the location of your website’s server will affect its speed, WordPress hosting with a hosting provider provisions a server with all the storage and resources needed to run your website in the country of your choice. This includes the RAM, file system, firewalls, and any other necessary tools and applications.

When a user enters your website’s address into a browser, a request is sent to the server hosting your website. The server processes the request, and sends the response, which displays the website on the user’s browser.

Hosting also secures your website, by preventing unauthorised access to it. It gives you a way to manage and configure your website, as per your needs. If at any time, you need to add more resources to scale and grow, the hosting provider enables you to do it.

If you are planning on publishing a WordPress website, then you should invest in WordPress hosting. Here’s why:

Technical support whenever you need: Free services normally come with poor support if any at all. Buying WordPress hosting with a hosting provider means you can get in touch with the support team and have them resolve your issue or simply give advice.

Better performance: The best WordPress hosts provision servers specially optimised for WordPress with features such as LiteSpeed caching and vulnerability patching. This is vital for website speed and performance.

Features: Buying WordPress hosting from us means you get cPanel, the world-leading control panel, to easily manage your hosting through a convenient web interface.

Test in staging: Test after you make changes, in a “staging” environment, before going live.

Backups: The top hosting providers include automated backups in their hosting plans. This ensures that in the event of a compromise or malfunction, you can easily revert to a previous stable version.

High levels of security: From SSL certificates to vulnerability patching and malware scanning, top WordPress hosts take security seriously.

Yes, you can. At HOSTAFRICA, we strive to make our platform as welcoming as possible, for all customers. Whether you want to start a new website from scratch, or import an existing one…

Our easy-to-use platform will get you started in no time. If you already have a WordPress hosting account with another provider, we will help you seamlessly migrate it on to our platform.

From source code and images to entire databases, we will migrate all your files to the HOSTAFRICA ecosystem. To make the transition even more worthwhile, we offer free domain name transfers, and 3 months free hosting!

The best part is that you don’t have to incur downtime. The entire migration process will be done within a day (Monday to Friday).

To request a migration, just add a note when you place the order. Or you can send an email to support@hostafrica.co.za, with the type of hosting you want, and the domains to be transferred.

Once you have purchased WordPress hosting, you will get an email from our support team, including your cPanel login details. You can also log in to cPanel from the client area.

cPanel is a web hosting control panel, giving you complete administrative and configuration control over your hosting account.

  1. Log in to cPanel and in the search field, enter Softaculous. Scroll down and select Softaculous Apps Installer.
  2. Then select WordPress and click Install Now.
  3. Enter your email address and password, select a template, and click Install.

This will be all you need to do to install WordPress on your hosting account. Once the installation finishes (it can take a few minutes), you should be able to access your WP website at: www.yoursiteurl.com/wp-admin

Log in to your WordPress admin account and configure it according to your requirements. You can install plugins, customise themes, and start adding posts when ready!

Your WordPress installation is accessible at www.yoursiteurl.com/wp-admin. To log in to your WP admin account, you will need the email and password credentials specified during installation.

Once you have logged in, you get full access to the WP admin dashboard. You can go through many helpful articles in our knowledgebase about configuring a fresh WP installation.

You will get to know which default values need to be changed, which recommended settings must be configured, and how you can secure your website, from the very start.

You can customise your theme, or install any desired plugin, directly from the admin dashboard. Once you have configured and customised your website substantially, you can start adding posts and pages to it.

If at any time, you have any queries regarding installing, setting up, or configuring WordPress, you can contact our customer support team. They are always one email, message, or phone call away.